Sunday, December 16, 2012

NeoExodus Legacies: Cold Visitor (PFRPG) Now available at

Louis Porter Jr. Design has released its next adventure in the NeoExodus Legacies Organized Play line, Cold Visitor (PFRPG). Here is information on NeoExodus Legacies: Cold Visitor (PFRPG):

When a high-ranking member of the Dominion asks for you to come and meet him, one does not make him wait. What he wants you to do appears quite simple but may require much more than a straightforward trip to Gavea. Short trips sometimes make for a long journey. Revised and Updated from the 3.5 edition and for the NeoExodus: A House Divided campaign setting and inspired by one of the greatest cult horror/monster movies of all times, players will have a field day with this Pathfinder Organized Play version.

An adventure for characters levels 3-5.

In addition, this adventure includes:
  • Buff Sheet
  • Daily Spell List
  • Initiative and Monster Cards
  • NeoExodus Combat & Initiative Tracker
Written by By Lee Hammock and Chris McCoy; Updated and Additional Material: Jean-Philipe ‘JP’ Chapleau.  Available at RPGNow: NeoExodus Legacies: Cold Visitor (PFRPG)