Thursday, July 30, 2015

Inspiration covers for the upcoming Crisis of the World Eater

Just something I am working on for our next kickstarter for 2016. Remember it is Crisis on Infinite Earths meets Ultimate Galactus Trilogy. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chronciles of the Gatekeepers has hit a slight nag...

The good news is Michael McCarthy's Chronicles of the Gatekeepers keeps rolling on and we are VERY close to being done. the BAD NEWS Is I need o find a few new artists to finish off a few art pieces? Any artist looking to help Louis Porter Jr. Design might want to drop us a line. This is a subtle hint...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Artwork that rocks...

Just some things we at LPJ Design have been working on. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

$10,000 reached! 1,000% of Kickstarter goal reached!

You like us! You really like us! 1,000% higher than our original goal! This is been an amazing kickstarter and I want to thank everyone who has helped to make this a success. Now that we have hit this threshold goal, we are moving on to our next big one: $12,000! Alex Augunas has been working on the all new Mythic rules set for NeoExodus. With the Mythic rules, Alex will also be expanding what is the infamous Lazarus Brand, who the Lawgiver is and what it means to players. Only $2,000 away from this goal and we are going to make it! If you have supported NOW is the time to do it. As always, thank you for your support!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Cover artwork for the upcoming Chronicles of the GateKeepers

What does Paizo do in Pathfinder Adventure Path #71: Rasputin Must Die! (Reign of Winter 5 of 6) that directly connects it to the upcoming Chronicles of the Gatekeepers adventures? Better still how does, Legendary Games, Veranthea Codex, Rogue Genius Games and Dreamscarred Press all connect to this? So many different points and how does this all connect?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

7 Days Left and $9,400 to reach the Dreamscarred Press Psionics threshold goal…

Only one week left and we are still pushing for the amazing threshold goals that we have planned including a Psionic Sourcebook based on Dreamscarred Press’ incredibly successful psionic rule system written by well know psionic superstar freelancer Eric Hindley. We want to reach this goal so we need you fans of psionics, Dreamscarred Press and pathfinder should support us. We can’t do this without you. As always, thanks for your support!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Less than 2 week left in the NeoExodus Kickstarter for Pathfinder

With 12 days left, we are looking to raise $1,000 dollars a day until the end. We have gotten this far, we are only looking to reach the finish line. We reached our original goal in less than 1 day and now we are looking to reach 2,000% of the original goal. We have several amazing threshold goals that fans would love to see on their table. With your support we can do this! Pathfinder fans keeps saying they want a different type of campaign world to play it, well here it is. We can’t do this with out you.As always, thanks for your support!

The Syrin Episode 19 talks about the NeoExodus Kickstarter

Spreading the word of the NeoExodus Kickstarter!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

If Batman needs Robin, the Vigilante for Pathfinder RPG needs…

Introducing the Sidekick (Archetype)

Some vigilantes don't work alone. They fight their battles with a stalwart companion at their side, a person who shares their convictions and studiously trains under the vigilante's tutelage. Perhaps one day this young person will rise up to replace her mentor. Perhaps she will move on to take the fight to another locale. Whatever the case, the sidekick battles with and learns from another vigilante, whether an older NPC or another player character.

A new Archetype for use with the Pathfinder Role Playing Game Open Playest of the new Base Class, The Vigilante.

Download the Sidekick (Archetype) Playtest Here and tell us what you think!

Monday, June 22, 2015

The artwork carries it all...

While the kickstarter has been going on, I am working on Chronicles of the Gatekeepers (Our multiverse based adventure multi-path by Michael McCarty) layout and I wanted to get inspired on a cover for the Adventure Alpha: To Save a Soul. So I went to my favorite out of business comic book company, CrossGen​ and Jim Cheung​ for something I could use. And this is what I got my creative juices flowing. Then for the Omega adventure, I stuck with Crossgen but I when with artist Yanick Paquette​, Negation cover #11.
But with all this going on, I still need a cover for the sidetreks that I could use multiples of times. And out of the blue can Ivan Reis​ cover from DC Comics​ JLA. All these will work well on helping the artist come up with the correct image to help make this series even more appealing. What do you think? Talk to you later...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

What do you think about getting a Wayne Reynolds cover for NeoExodus Campaign Setting?

I have been thinking about the cover of NeoExodus Campaign Setting over and over again and I keep thinking, maybe I should bite the bullet and get Wayne Reynolds to draw it? Paizo and Pathfinder fans knows who Wayne Reynolds is, PLUS the cover would have our NeoExodus iconics on it. How incredible would that be? I know how much a Wayne Reynold would cost me but even with the cost it would be worth it. What do you all think: Would you like to see the NeoExodus Campaign Setting book with a Wayne Reynolds cover? Let us know and check out our kickstarter!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Owen KC Stephens’ Time Thief goes iconic with NeoExodus

We reached our next threshold goal and with that, Owen KC Stephens gets to add the Time Thief iconic to the the NeoExodus Campaign Setting. What will Owen come up with? I am going to guess it will be something that people won’t generally expect and something people will loving playing. Better still the NEXT threshold goal is $8,000 with the Dragon Lords: the Apocalypse Dragon and Infinity Dragon. These Dragon Lords redefine the word dangerous. This is just getting better and better each day with this kickstarter. As always, thanks for your support!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Next Stretch Goal - Owen KC Stephens and the Iconic Time Thief!!!

This powerhouse of a kickstarter keeps going and going! We just added the four Stellar Dragons reward to this kickstarter and NOW we are moving on to the BIG TIME. Owen KC Stephens is a game designer who need no introduction. His reputation for quality, professionalism and expertise is known in the gaming community. All I can say it is great to have Owen come home to NeoExodus. So as of right now we still need everyone support to reach this goal. I mean who doesn't want a cool Time Thief iconic add to the already impressive list of iconic created during this kickstarter?

After we reach Owen's threshold reward, we move on to the last of the Stretch Goals 1 with the Dragon Lords (the Infinity Dragon and the Apocalypse Dragon). With all that awesome support for the Conflict and the Stellar Dragon, this is only a matter of time until we close out the Stretch Goals 1 and move onto Stretch Goals 2. So please go to the kickstarter and help make this dream come true!!!  As always, thanks for your support!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wonder what the Conflict Dragons will look like? Ask Juan Diego Dianderas...

Juan Diego Dianderas is the artist who will be doing the artwork on the upcoming Conflict Dragons for NeoExodus. If the name doesn't sound familiar maybe the artwork will. Juan did the artwork for the Psionic Bestiary Psionic Dragons for Dreamscrarred Press. I have worked with Juan on several pieces of artwork for LPJ Design and specifically NeoExodus, so I knew he was the one I wanted to do with this project. I gave home a LOT of source image to help with the look I wanted to create. And now that we reached out goal, I can't wait to see what he does artistically speaking. Dragons that don't look like dragons you have typically seen.  This is going to be fun! And if you want to see more interested and cool things from this kickstarter, then do us a favor and support this kickstarter. As always, thanks for your support.

More Dragon and Owen KC Stephens...

This is simple, we need $875 to reach our Stellar Dragons and $1,875 to hit our goal with the Time Thief iconic with Owen KC Stephens. Since these dragons have been in my head for nearly 5 years it will be good to get them out of there and on to some paper and on to table tops to destroy PCs. Yep I said it, you have some PCs that need to be on the wrong end of a breath weapon. While the Stellar Dragons might be GOOD dragons, that doesn't mean they are NICE. People often confuse the two, but thankfully enough I am not one of those people. I know many of you were excited by the Conflict Dragons, but don’t fool yourself, The Stellar Dragons are going to be just as AWESOME! 

After that we have Owen KC Stephen doing an iconic based off of the class he created, the Time Thief. This is another one that is going to be a little bit of inspiration. It is one thing to have people paid to write something, it is a WHOLE different story to have writers write some for which they created it. The relationship is more personal, more intimate. So I cannot wait to see what Owen is going to come up with and better still what the art write up for the iconic Time Thief will be. We know Owen is awesome and LPJ Design does awesome artwork, so you know you are going to get MORE than your monies work. So do the right thing: Tell all your Pathfinder gaming friends to support this kickstarter. As always, thanks for your support!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Next Threshold Goals up - Conflict Dragons, Stellar Dragons and Owen KC Stephens AWESOMENESS

The train of awesomeness called NeoExodus Campaign Setting Update for Pathfinder RPG kickstarter continues to roll on. It is really great to see the fans come out and support this Kickstarter plus give us an opportunity to make great products for the fans. The next threshold goal up is our Conflict Dragons. There have been a lot of people interested in our Conflict Dragons since we first announced them. The evil dragons for the NeoExodus have really drawn interest from Pathfinder fans. Especially those supporting our friends over at Rite Publishing with their In the Company of Dragons Kickstarter. After we reach our Conflict Dragons threshold goal it is off to our Stellar Dragons rewards, AKA the good dragons of NeoExodus. You will see a lot of cool and interesting concepts for these dragons and why they are so different from your typical dragons. And finally after reaching that threshold goal to go after adding world famous superstar game designer, Owen KC Stephens with an all new Time Thief Iconic for the NeoExodus setting.

So as you can see that the NeoExodus Campaign Setting Update for Pathfinder RPG kickstarter is going VERY WELL and I just want to thank everyone for their support of making this a success. Nothing is more exciting than letting designers you like, trust and know play with their “toys” in your sandbox”. But to get to all that excitement we have to reach out threshold goals.Tell your friends, Hell tell your enemies that we are only $750 away from reaching our next goal Conflict Dragons and we need your help. Let spread this like wildfire! We can do this with your help. As always, thanks for your support!

Monday, June 8, 2015

We reached $4,000! The next threshold - Conflict Dragons!!!

So we reached our $4,000 threshold goal level and with that another iconic for NeoExodus. Now we work on our next threshold goal: Conflict Dragons. Conflict Dragons are the two words together that sound fantastic. And we want them to be just as awesome as you think the will be. Just wait until you see their breath weapons in action. These are going to bring back the feel of fear and dread when you see a dragon. Let's make this happen!

Don’t understand what that $150 reward with headshot means?

Since we have had a few email with confusion of that we meant with the head shot image so I decided to send you an image that best describe what I mean:

So as you can see, we used their head shot and there is the image we did off of it. A picture does say 1,000 words. So if you have been on the fence about this one, I hope this helps you decide. As always, thanks for your support!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

200 pages of content is a great start….

Just in case you did know, with this update of NeoExodus we already have a little over 200 pages of content on this book RIGHT NOW. Best part, we still need to add TWO additional chapters that focus on Mythic (The Lazarus Brand in NeoExodus) and Psionics (expanding on the information on Section Omega). I think these are the perfect additions to the NeoExodus campaign setting. Better still, I think this are great threshold goals for our kickstarter. So if you want this happen, we need your support. Talk to you later!

Friday, June 5, 2015

$600 from Brian Berg and Total Party Kill Games Iconic AWESOMENESS

So as you can see that the NeoExodus Campaign Setting Updatefor Pathfinder RPG kickstarter is going VERY WELL and I just want to thank everyone for their support of making this a success. One of the cool things about doing a kickstarter is being able to go to friends and ask them to become a threshold goals for it. Since I am very much into supporting and exposing 3PP to as many Pathfinder fans as I can, I got in touch with Brian Berg at Total Party Kill Games and asked his if he would like to create an iconic for NeoExodus based on his highly successful Malefactor class.

He was kind enough to agree and now being only $600 away from reaching this goal and making it happen! I am even MORE excited! Nothing is cooler than letting designers you like and know play with their “toys” in your sandbox” and so I can only imaging what he is going to come up with. But before we get all that coolness we have to hit this next threshold, so help get the word out. Tell your friends, Hell tell your enemies that we are only $600 away from reaching this goal and we need your help. Let spread this like wildfire! We can do this with your help. As always, thanks for your support!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kickstarter Day 3 - Why you want NeoExodus Part 2

Without delay, let’s get into part 2 of unique elements of NeoExodus.

NeoExodus mixes traditional fantasy, horror, magic, modern politics and science fiction. NeoExodus is built from a very distinctive nature and mind-set. The setting of NeoExodus: A House Divided is a mixture of classic fantasy, modern political conflict and intrigue with neo-fantasy influences. The world of Exodus has some degree of “moral flexibility” which makes people who might be diametrically opposed, able to work with each other for a greater cause - often for good and sometimes evil. In this world, nothing is black or white but various shades of grey - making nothing exactly what it seems to be. While an individual might have the alignment of chaotic evil, this does not mean they cannot be honorable or even compassionate, if needed for a larger reason. And vice versa.

NeoExodus is full of all new unique races. The nine new races that are introduced in the setting of NeoExodus are very unique in direct contrast to the standard fantasy races individuals might be used to. Each race has a unique and interesting creative background and design to them that reflect the setting of NeoExodus: A House Divided well. In NeoExodus players can choose to play Cavian, Cynean, Dalrean, Enuka, Gevet, Kalisan, Prymidian, P’Tan or Sasori. Cavians are psionic humanoid rats who have a hidden agenda. Cyneans are crystalline-skinned, powerful arcane spell casters with a thrist for more arcane knowledge. Dalreans are humanoid mobile plants with a strong ecological connection to Exodus. Enuka are beast-like creatures that have evolved to adapt themselves to various harsh environments. Gevet, or tiefling, claim to be the first race to master magic in Exodus. Kalisans are pale-white nomadic humanoid creatures native to northern Exodus. Prymidians are crimson-skinned humanoids who are masters of communication and language. P’Tans are shadowcreated feline humanoids who were former slaves of the First Ones. Sasori are humanoid scorpions that hold all the deepest and darkest secrets of Exodus.

Exodus is a world built on conspiracies, deceptions and intrigue. Empires and nations compete on many levels—economic, political influence, territory, magical power—each looking to maintain or improve its current status by any means short of all-out war. Subversive clandestine meetings, espionage, black market deals and sabotage are all basic parts of doing business in Exodus. Large numbers of organizations, nations and factions maneuver or manipulate for their own benefit in the rapidly changing political climate. Exodus teems with conflict and intrigue.

Everything has a place in NeoExodus. If it exists in the realm of classic or traditional fantasy settings of Pathfinder, then it has a place in Exodus. A monster or spell or magic item from the Pathfinder core rulebooks might feature a manipulation or two to explain attitude, character and tone of Exodus, but otherwise everything you want to include has a place somewhere in Exodus.

I hope this helps you understand what we are doing a little better. And as always, thanks for your support!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kickstarter Day 2 - Why you want NeoExodus Part 1

NeoExodus has a lot of influences in it creation and development, many of them are not from traditional fantasy sources like typical generic D&D campaign settings folks in the gaming community know and many have said they are tired of playing in. I think anyone who tries NeoExodus can see where is does have some traditional fantasy ideas and influence, but understands that it is not beholden to them as “sacred cows” of fantasy.

We have said it from the beginning, “NeoExodus is a fantasy love letter to Babylon 5”. In addition, we have been inspired by fandom and niche things like CrossGen Comics’ series Negation, Scion and Sojourn; Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Fantastic Four and Ultimates; DC Comics’ series 100 Bullets, Global Frequency, Planetary and Watchmen; the George R. R. Martin’s book series Song of Fire and Ice and TV series Game of Thrones; David Morrell’s Brotherhood of the Rose, Covenant of the Flame and Fraternity of the Stone books; and even Wizards of the Coast’s campaign setting Eberron. Plus much more gave rise to NeoExodus.

Here is part one of the unique elements for NeoExodus:

NeoExodus is a world full of magic. NeoExodus is a world that has advanced by mastery of arcane magic which may be counterintuitive to the classic fantasy and medieval times. Magic is very pervasive in the world of NeoExodus from the instantaneous point-to-point travel via the Nexus Gateway to sentient, freewilled arcane constructs (called Arcane Intelligences). From arcane and eldritch powered skyships and siege weaponry to even commonplace magic casters using their skills to provide many basic provisions and necessities to major cities and even some small towns. The progressive nature of magic has transformed the world so that it feels quite “modern”.

NeoExodus is a world built upon epic adventures, heroic quests and valiant expeditions into the unknown. Through the use of magical and nonmagical means, heroic adventurers can gain access to larger realms of excitement and discoveries which in turn will introduce them to new and interesting challenges to confront and monsters to combat. From exotic locations to unusual surroundings, the challenges of Exodus should pull heroes across the lands of many nations and countries to the entire world. Each area of Exodus is unique and stunning from the tropical rain forest and jungle of the Wyldlands of Bal to the frigid and dangerous peaks in the mountains of Nas. Exodus is truly a world of invigorating exploration and exhilarating action.

NeoExodus is setting of unified empires and nations with their own sovereign rights, power and issues. While each nation or empire - Arman Protectorate, Caneus Empire, the Dominion and the Reis Confederacy - has joined and believes in the unity of the Imperial Alliance, old adversaries and bitter rivalries cause much turmoil in this world. Many of these nations and empires have had long term conflicts with each other that still influence the decisions of the modern day. Other influence groups like the Sanguine Covenant and Section Omega can be felt in the backrooms and dark alleys of any of these nations and empires. All of this in addition to such global threats as the Janus Horde, the Quicksilver Virus pandemic and even a criminal terrorist organization like the Folding Circle threatens to destabilize this fragile peace.

NeoExodus is a world that is rarely at peace for long. Throughout its troubled history, wars and murder were never far away. NeoExodus is always on the brink of war or conflict of some type. With so many different cultures and races working together, there are issues that often will be raised between them. These conflicts might be based on nationality, religious beliefs or even racial issues and these prejudices are deeply propagated in various arenas of daily life. The formation of the Imperial Alliance has done much to help with the understanding of different points of views and now individuals find ways to exist and thrive in this world of Exodus.

In the next update we are going to finish up the unique elements for NeoExodus. And as always, thanks for your support!

Ist Threshold Goal Reached - Next $3,000 and more artwork

We are moving like a rocket!!! Reaching our 1st threshold goal in less than 48 hours of starting this kickstarter! I can’t wait to see the awesome creation that Dreamscarred Press will come up for the Aegis iconic for NeoExodus, but you know it is going to be good. Next is $3,000 threshold goal with even more artwork added to this book. As always thank you for your support!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

$2,000 Threshold Goal – New Iconic Aegis from Dreamscarred Press

Before I started this kickstarter, I sent out messages to several of the 3PP that I knew asking them for help on some threshold goals I wanted to do. One of the first to respond was Dreamscarred Press. LPJ Design and Dreamscarred Press has had a LONG relationship with NeoExodus going back to the Secret Societies of NeoExodus: Section Omega source book which they were kind enough to write for us. So it only made sense to see if they would do us another favor and do an iconic class for NeoExodus. One of my favorite classes from Dreamscarred Press was that of the Aegis.

And with that I wanted a version for NeoExodus. So after a few message back and forth we all agreed. So when we reach our goal of $2,000 we will unlock this this threshold goal. Help us make this dream come true with your support of this kickstarter!

Click here to support the NeoExodus Campaign Setting Update for Pathfinder RPG Kickstarter!

We did it! 100% funded!

We reached our initial goal and reached 100% funding in less than 6 hours of being live. I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen. We could have done this without you! So with this goal reach let’s start working on the stretch goals to add even more interesting things to this kickstarter! And don’t forget to tell your friend to Back Us for a Buck! Because every little bit helps. Once again thanks to everyone support of Louis Porter Jr Design and NeoExodus!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Time has come for the The NeoExodus Campaign Setting Update for Pathfinder RPG Kickstarter!!!!

You knew it was coming and now the time is here!!! The NeoExodus Campaign Setting Update for Pathfinder RPG Kickstarter is now LIVE!!!! We are sending this email out to you because you have supported our previous kickstarters and hoped you would do the same this time around. If not can you do us the favor and pass this information on to your friends and family who are Pathfinder RPG Fans. As always, thank you for your support!

NeoEoxdus Campaign Setting Kickstarter Starts June 1st

Coming Monday June 1st!

Transparency Agenda 82: #Print On Deman Cards from

Thursday, May 28, 2015

With a title like, To Save a Soul, you have to be interested Pathfinder fans!

For those that were wondering what was going on with upcoming Chronicle of the Gatekeepers Adventure Quest series, here is a little write up of the first adventure and what you can expect to see soon

Adventure Alpha - To Save a Soul

In the search to bring a soul-mangling wizard to justice for his crimes, the adventurers track him to a long-forgotten ruin, only to discover that their quarry has fled not just the kingdom, but their world entirely!

Learning that his escape was made possible by a race of militaristic wasp-men, who insist that his freedom from persecution serves the greater purpose of a group known as the Gatekeepers, the heroes follow through the portal, and find themselves trapped on a distant world, abounding with new opportunities, allies and dangers.

Yet, even as the adventurers work their way across the dangerous landscape to a slim chance at safety, the Gatekeepers begin to array themselves against them with greater and greater shows of power, raising far more questions than they answer.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Introducing the Questline Adventures for Pathfinder RPG

As many of you know we have started working on a completely new line of adventures for the Pathfinder RPG system, Which we are referring to as our Questline Adventures. The Questline Adventure format is rather unique and never seen before in adventure play but we think this concept will catch on more and more as other people experience it. Our first Questline Adventures series is called Chronicle of the Gatekeepers. Michael McCarthy was assigned to task of taking on this first Questline Adventures series and he came back with an exciting adventure concept that fans of Pathfinder will have an remarkable time playing in and experiencing. While the adventures do cross over into the NeoExodus Campaign Setting, Questline Adventures was built to be played by those who want to play in more generic setting and even their home and local gaming store campaigns.

Here is the setting information for the upcoming Chronicle of the Gatekeepers:

All worlds are connected. Sometimes, these links are obvious—such as when a traveler from one world lands on another—but other times they are subtle: like the common language, or the humanoid form that pervades nearly all worlds, seeded by some distant, shared ancestor.

Long ago, this ancestor built a network that spanned countless worlds, and the vast distances between them: some physical, such as the vastness of space, and others less so – for not all worlds are even truly on the same plane. From their home, known now as Atlantis, they used this network to effortlessly explore, settle and trade across the vast multiverse, all in the blink of an eye.

Yet, as they flourished on many worlds, their home languished, and each year fewer opted to remain in [REDACTED], choosing instead to join one of their countless frontiers. Even the Vespans, an insect-like race created to mindlessly serve them, began to settle on other worlds, leaving their former home for greener pastures.

But what of [REDACTED]? Those who stayed behind were more often extremists—those who sought not to spread out across the worlds, but to protect themselves from the dangers of them. These other worlds were dangerous places, each with their own dangers. Sometimes, they were so great even the [REDACTED] colonies fell to catastrophe lost forever.

To protect themselves, they began cutting themselves off from their grand network, moving the hub of their network from [REDACTED] to another world, Exodus. Then, they withdrew even from there. Slowly, [REDACTED] began to change. It had once been a utopian society, but now it prized the creation of weapons of war over all else, intended to protect themselves from threats both real and imagined.

The Vespans, once servants, became the explorers of worlds. They would identify threats, check on the few colonies who remembered their once great heritage, and even gather resources – whether through trade or by force.

Exodus, for its part, has no idea as to the source of the gates so abundant across its surface. The nations instead see them as a great and mysterious boon, capable of facilitating trade and diplomacy across the world. Though, mysterious as they are, they present their own set of dangers—creatures from other worlds use the Nexus Gateways as well. Sometimes, the passage is harmless, and often even goes unnoticed. Other times, the visitors are set to invade, pillage or simply destroy. They rarely make it far before the locals rise up against these ‘monsters’, but all it would take would be an organized invasion to cripple or destroy the nations of Exodus.

Sound interesting? Whay until we reveal what those [REDACTED] parts are. I am sure we are going to blow several of your minds. Hope you enjoy what we are planning. Talk to you later...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

[LPJ Design] NeoExodus Kickstarter coming in June 2015

We are doing this kickstarter to update and revise parts of our NeoExodus Campaign setting.The money that we raise will go for the additional cost of generating art, new written material and editing, and the general updated quality of production of the product. Louis Porter Jr. Design’s goal is to present you with a complete and unique world for NeoExodus in the similar tradition for TSR and Wizard of the Coast favorites campaign settings like Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms and even the more unique setting like Ebberon. As we continued to raise greater and greater funds, we will unlock stretch goals which in turn will be added add to length of the NeoExodus Campaign Setting.

Coming in June 2015, start saving your dollars you are going to like this one.

If you want to learn more about the NeoExodus setting download our FREE setting introduction, NeoExodus Chronicles: World of Exodus!