Thursday, April 23, 2015

Transparency Agenda 78: Artwork, Pinterest & NeoExodus

Friday, April 17, 2015

Pirates of the Bronze Sky is now being funded on Patreon!

Pirates of the Bronze Sky in a table top gaming campaign setting for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game inspired by the American Revolution, Dungeon & Dragon's game setting, Spelljammer, and fiction genre of steampunk.

Pirates of the Bronze Sky, or POTBS, has been under development for several years and now looks with the help of Patreon, this campaign setting will be coming to the fans of Spelljammer and Pathfinder Role Playing Game. We have done everything we could to keep the inspiration and disincentive of Spelljammer while at the same time creating something exceptional and unique. Click here to learn more!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NeoExodus Chronicles: World of Exodus Updated!

We just updated the classic NeoExodus Chronicles: World of Exodus with new artwork, added iconics, Detailed empire descriptions and information about the planet, Exodus, itself. Go and enjoy and best of all it is FREE!!!!!

Coming Soon - 3rd Bestiary of Armageddon Contest

Get ready, it is going to happen again! Don't miss out on your changes to send PCs screaming in fear.  Coming soon!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rough draft of Twelfth Blade

Here is the rough draft for the iconic Android Magus for NeoExodus: A House Divided, Twelfth Blade. I like where this is going, Pathfinder RPG by Paizo fans, but of course we made some changes. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Why is art SO important in table top rpgs? This is why!

Here is something  that we have been working on that is finally done. This is the new and improved Sasori image that we are going to be using in the new and update NeoExodus Campaign Setting book that I am currently working on. I plan to add all kinds of cool and interesting thing that can with this update including a Mythic section.  More to come. Talk to you later...

Thursday, March 5, 2015

[LPJ Design] Lost Races: Elves for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

Louis Porter Jr. Design, has released  Lost Races: Elves for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game at and  Here is information on this product:
In forgotten ages, a great race of elves ruled Exodus: a tall,proud folk, unmatched in martial prowess and gifted with magical might. They were beautiful and terrible like the sun, possessed of powers beyond those of the other infant races of the world. They ruled a vast, wild region, dwelling in subterranean fortresses. Magic was in their blood. It was said they could step through a doorway and end up halfway across the world, and could enter the dreams of sleepers on a whim. They forged fantastic weapons, crafted cunning tools, and created magnificent works of art. Their rule lasted for untold millennia. Then came the First Ones.
The interlopers launched a swift and furious offensive upon the elves, intending to conquer and subjugate them before taking the rest of the world for their own. The elves’ counterattacks brought the First Ones’ campaign to a standstill. Both forces were equal in magical power, but the elves were superior on the battlefield, their united front more than a match for the First Ones’ loose collective. However, the slave races used by the First Ones’ provided them with the sheer numbers necessary to keep fighting. The stalemate continued for centuries. Then the Khaynites—greatest of the First Ones and children of the bloody god, Khayne—invented a new weapon that tipped the scales and brought an end to elven rule of Exodus.
Inside this sourcebook you will find you’ll need to enhance on adventures when using the Lost Races: Elves:
  • History of the Lost Races: Elves
  • Six unique elven races including Deep Elves, Dark Elves and Planewracked Elves
  • New Racial Rules and Racial Archetypes including Charoteer (Cavalier), Desert Viper (Slayer), ), Dream Eater (Witch) and more
  • New Equipment including Desert Glass and Elven Bronze
  • New Feats including Communal Summoning, Liminal Magic Adept and more
  • New Magic Items including Elixir of Stolen Dreams, Sicking Elfshot and more

Available at here!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Coming soon Lost Races: Elves

What has work from Jeff Lee, Storn A. Cook and Eric Lofgren; for use for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game fans who like Elves and is going to be available on Monday?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Where you can watch Transparency Agenda President's Day Special with Sean K Reynolds

Just is case you were wondering where and how to watch tomorrow's Transparency Agenda President's Day Special with Sean K Reynolds, game designer​ here are some of the links you can use to watch or code to embed.

YouTube​ Link

Google+ Page Link

And if you are looking to embed the video to your website, here is the code:

Talk to you later...

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Elves from NeoExodus? How is that possible?

For the NeoExodus: A House Divided and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game fans who think there were no "standard fantasy races" in NeoExodus, this might be the best quote of the day:

 The elves were the first major resistance the First Ones faced. They're a match for them until the Khaynites produced the virus called elfbane. The plague that decimates the population, causing the elves to use the Nexus gateways to flee Exodus, and allowing the First Ones to lock the gates behind them, allowing them to conquer.

The next question many of you are asking is what happened to the Dwarves? Lost Races of NeoExodus: Elves coming soon to and Paizo.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Iconic Half-Giant and Android are coming to NeoExodus...

So since we received the last two pieces of artwork for the half-giant and the android for NeoExodus, those will be our iconic characters that we will have to add to our already growing list of iconics. I am not sure which classes I will have them attached to, but there are a few that are open that I might be interested in like Alchemist, Wizard, Monk and even Fighter. But that is the fun part. So if there are some iconic you would like to see for the half-giant and the android, let us know. We can’t do this without our fans.  Talk to you later…

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NeoExodus Android artwork process

I just wanted to show you how we develop artwork for our projects. It starts with a rough draft, then we clean up the draft's design. We then move to the coloring stage and finally we do the FINAL coloring of the artwork. As you see something work form the beginning, while other get killed and sometimes brought back. Just something I though you might enjoy. Talk to you later...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Adventure Path Iconics: Lords of Undeath (PFRPG) Now available

Louis Porter Jr. Design, has released Adventure Path Iconics: Lords of Undeath for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game at and  Here is information on this product:
A dark star fell from the sky bringing with it the end of all things! The sanctity of the world known as Abaddon was shattered when a global apocalyptic event of a meteor impacting the planet causing a destructive ecological and eldritch change. Now there is no day or night, just never ending Apocalypse.  Adventure Path Iconics: Lords of Undeath adds four new iconics based on the new races from Races of Obsidian Apocalypse: Flesh and Iron to the Obsidian Apocalypse campaign setting making the world even more interesting and just as dangerous. Are you willing to take up the fight?
Inside this book you will find you will find four new races for Races of Obsidian Apocalypse: Flesh and Iron:
  • Promethean (Flesh and Clockwork): Prometheans suffer lingering mental effects from their creation rites. The flesh prometheans have a personality made from an amalgam of souls, cobbled together from various creatures. Clockwork prometheans have the luxury of a solitary mind, but the creation rites cause them as much torment as they do to their flesh-bound cousins.
  • Raijin: When an outraged spirit of one slain by the undead lords of Abaddon possesses a survivor filled with desires for revenge, the two form a powerful and terrifying force, a raijin. A synergy of life and death, it can reach into the netherworld and manifest some powers of the dead in the physical world.
  • Uzamati: The only uzamati trait that stands out in their normal form is the purple irises of their eyes. But, when an uzamati phases out, all semblance of normalcy disappears. They melt into pure negative energy, becoming twisted in the process: Their skin turns a deep purple and exudes a strong glow. Their bodies become slightly transparent and gaunt as a skeleton.

These iconic consist of:
  • Alberdeen, Male uzamati magus
  • Joa, Male flesh promethean barbarian
  • Mixer, Asexual clockwork promethean alchemist
  • Siriah, Female raijin cavalier
Available at here!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Newest rough draft of the Android race for NeoExodus

Here is the updated android image. I like where this is going but I needed to make a FEW changes like removing to the swords to show what the Arcane Essence effect would look like. So what do you think?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pirates of the Bronze Sky Playtest 1.01 FOR FREE

OK Pathfinder RPG by Paizo, Pathfinder and Paizo fans, if you have been wondering about our project, Pirates of the Bronze Sky, wonder no further. This video tells you of our plans and better still, where you can get the Pirates of the Bronze Sky Playtest PDF. Enjoy!

By the way the link is at the Louis Porter Jr. Design Facebook page! Talk to you later...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Campaign Setting with Toolkits

One of the more interesting things I discovered while working on Obsidian Apocalypse, is that when you build a campaign work, you never really know how people are going to use it to play their game.  When we built Obsidian Twilight (the predecessor to Obsidian Apocalypse), I thought of it as a zombie apocalypse setting but others thought it was a post apocalypse good versus evil setting. While even more thought that it would be more gothic / classic horror.  

The reason is that people have their own interpretation of the word “horror”.  So that is why we have a “generic” setting for Obsidian Apocalypse plus four custom toolkits that you can make your own custom setting and people have really responded to it. So I am wondering, is this something people would like to see campaign setting do in the future: One main “generic” concept of the setting a several toolkits to customize it any way that you might like to?  Please let me know what you think. Thanks! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First week into 2015 and one product done...

So and I am keeping my promise to myself and I am attempting to keep the crazy schedule of releasing one product a week.  The first product of 2015 is Obsidian Apocalypse: Player's Guide. Here is some of the cool thing you will find in this sourcebook:

  • Exalted Racial Archetypes: Guardian angel (cleric) and Avenging Angel (barbarian)
  • Genesai Racial Archetypes: Abaddon Pariah (ranger) and Dark Comic
  • Harrowed Racial Archetypes: Harrowed Predator (barbarian) and Grave Caller (summoner)
  • Infernal Racial Archetypes: Demonspawn defender (paladin) and Demonic Servitor (oracle)
  • Khymer Racial Archetypes: Hemotheurgical Leech (sorcerer)  and Body Snatcher (rogue)
  • Lykian Racial Archetypes: Lykian Throwback (alchemist)
  • Osirian Racial Archetypes: Hellfire harrier (gunslinger) and Arcane Tattooist (wizard)
  • Clockwork Promethean Racial Archetypes:
  • Clockwork Cavalier (cavalier), New Greatwork: Mobius Body and Augmentations (Mobius Body)
  • Flesh Promethean Player Options: Wildman (Druid) and Shattered Soul Seeker (Inquisitor)
  • Raijin Racial Archetypes: Sword of Vengeance (fighter)
  • Uzamati Racial Archetypes: Rift Mystic (Monk) and Uzamati Hexes
Expect to see this VERY soon at, and

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014, the worst year of my life...

This years sucked.


2014, I am glad it will be over tonight, and I can place everything about it to rest.

And for 2015, I get to start fresh and new. I don't know what God had planned for me, but I do know that I am going to win, no matter the odds or the opposition. Success is all about who is the MOST committed to what ever they want. Become committed to something bigger than you. I did and I survived my greatest personal nightmare that plagued me, and you can too. Just remember the light at the end of the tunnel isn't always a train, sometime it is the end of the darkness. Have a good 2015. Talk to you later...

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Freelance Comic book Artist for weekly webcomic series Needed!

LPJ Design is looking for a comic artist looking to work on a weekly science fantasy webcomic series called, Grand Theft Exodus, that based off of our table top RPG, NeoEoxodus: A Housed Divided. We are looking for a specific artistic style that is influenced by such sources as Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Series, the Ben 10 cartoon, Ninja Scroll, Cowboy Bebob and Samurai Shamploo.  The artist we are working with will be paid $200 a page (usually no more than four panels a page) for their full color artwork which will be delivered to LPJ Design in digital format.  We are planning to have Grand Theft Exodus online by summer of 2015. If you are interested, please send an email to with the email title of “Grand Theft Exodus Artist” and submit your website portfolio. Please DO NOT attach samples of your work in the email. Thanks!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from LPJ Design!

I just wanted to send out a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone out there. Enjoy the day with your family, friends and loved ones.We at LPJ Design are very thankful for your support and patronage and hope you get everything you want this Christmas season.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas goodness is coming along like a freight train!!!

Good news on TWO fronts for LPJ Design! First, Clinton Boomer’s upcoming masterpiece Obsidian Apocalypse Lexicon: Sinful & Vile Feats (based off of his 31 Haunted Day series) is going to editing so expect to see in on the digital shelves VERY soon. This is one of my favorites since it gave us a time for Clinton to play in the Obsidian Apocalypse setting and give us some CRAZY things to make the setting even more interesting. Second and a little more to home, the all new computer for LPJ Design has shipped and out it way to the HQ. Many of you may not know that the current computer I am working on is over six years old and on its last legs. I am known to work computer to their deaths and it is nice to know that I am getting a top of the line Alienware Area-51 -- -- to get me tot eh next level of graphic design and begin my new skill set of learning film editing. So expect for 2015 to be a HUGE year of creativity for me.  Talk to you later…

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lance Red is French for AWESOME!!!!!!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game fans, do you know who Lance Red is? Maybe you should since he does such AWESOME artwork. His latest piece for Louis Porter Jr. Design battle standards for all the empires in Neoexodus A House Divided. If you are a 3PP and you are not using Lance, you are missing out. Enjoy! Talk to you later...

Friday, December 5, 2014

Get the Best RPG Stock Art for PDF Publishers with Image Portfolio

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