Friday, November 2, 2012

[LPJ Design] Organized Play NeoExodus Legacies: Campaign Setting (PFRPG) Now available

Louis Porter Jr. Design has released its sourcebook for their NeoExodus Organized Play line, NeoExodus Legacies: Campaign Setting (PFRPG). Here is information on NeoExodus Legacies: Campaign Setting (PFRPG):

NeoExodus is a world wracked by war and intrigue for centuries after the population broke the yoke of the First Ones. For the past 2,000 years, the nations of Exodus have fought each other. NeoExodus is a world where exploration, politics, and adventure go hand in hand. Choose your allies carefully. You may need to call upon them, as they will call upon you. Be equally careful choosing your enemies – for the same reasons! The world of Exodus needs heroes…

Designed for organized play, NeoExodus Legacies aims to put your characters in the thick of the action, giving you the power to shape the world and influence events. What your character does matters and influences the world and the campaign. A number of special interactive adventures give your character opportunities to interact and influence both NPCs and events alike. NPCs in NeoExodus are not static. Through narratives, campaign updates and the adventures themselves, NPCs and the plot change beyond the current adventure. How your character reacts to them is up to you.

This document introduces the rules on how you may play in the worldwide campaign NeoExodus Legacies, set in the world of Exodus. It contains what you need to create characters and information on how to be a game master of NeoExodus events. It also details the unique aspects of the campaign.

In addition, this sourcebook includes:
  • Campaign Basics & History of the World
  • Character Creation
  • Patrons
  • Rules of Organized Play
  • Game Master and Dealing with the Scenarios
  • Purchasing Equipment
  • The Legacy Records
  • Additional Resource for NeoExodus Legacies
  • Come in two version: Standard for print out; and Lite for mobile devices and tablets.
Written by D’Anne Nelson, JP Chapleau, Linda Weygant-Robison with Louis Porter Jr. Available at RPGNow!