Sunday, January 22, 2017

[LPJ Design] Template: Avatar of Vengeance for Super Powered by M&M Now available FOR FREE for a limited time!!!

Louis Porter Jr. Design, has released Template: Avatar of Vengeance for Super-Powered by M&M at Here is information on this product:

In comics, a popular archetype is an Avatar of Vengeance. They are a dark subspecies of characters touched by divine forces. Avatars are not friendly, noble gods of thunder or angels of mercy. Avatars of Vengeance mete out Old Testament-style punishment, even if they’re not explicitly connected to Judeo-Christian figures. This PDF contains everything you need to add this new template inspired from DC Comics The Spectre to Marvel Comics Ghost Rider to your Superhero genre game store and local home Super-Powered by M&M games. 

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