Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LPJ Design’s Secret Pathfinder Project Announcement coming Friday

After months of finalizing contracts and making sure everything is in place on the legal side, LPJ Design will be making an announcement on a very unique razor sharp exciting project they have been working on dealing with the best freelancers in the RPG industry from coast to coast. While we can’t tell you the project name right now, we will give you the hint of the initials of the title, RC. (Hint! Hint!)  This project which will be something that fans have been clamoring for several years and LPJ Design is going to give it to you.  This project will have sinister overtone in the game world with the adventures that will be legendary on the annuals of RPGs.   Go by the LPJ Design blog on Friday and learn more about this upcoming project.  Thanks for your support of RC and LPJ Design!