Sunday, April 26, 2009

RPG Fans: Donate blood and get a free PDF copy of the upcoming Obsidian Twilight RPG

If you really care about something you should do something about it and that is how I feel about donating blood. Donating blood is simple, easy and most times painless and best of all can save someone’s life. Currently only 3 out of 100 people donate blood. Every 2 seconds in the United States someone needs blood. Since I am so passionate about donating blood, I have decided to give some of you an incentive on getting you to donate some of yours.

LPJ Design will give away a free copy of their upcoming patron project RPG setting, Obsidian Twilight, releasing October 31, 2009 to those people who make donation of blood to any local or national blood collection agency like the Red Cross (See for more information) by October 30, 2009. All you need to do to get a free copy of the Obsidian Twilight RPG is to send us a copy of your donation via email to LMPjr007 (at) AOL (dot) com with your name, date you donated and where you donated (you can block out all the other private stuff that I don’t need to see). Then on October 31st when the Obsidian Twilight RPG is released, you get a free copy. It is that simple.

To be fair to those who already signed up for out patron program for the Obsidian Twilight RPG, if you donate blood LPJ Design will give you a voucher for $100 worth of LPJ Design PDF Products of your choice. If you personally can’t give blood, find a friend who can and ask him to donate for you. Hey what are friends for. Give Blood and get a free copy of the Obsidian Twilight RPG. Simple and easy. This may not be for everyone bit I hope you can take a free minutes out of your busy life and help.