Sunday, December 2, 2012

[LPJ Design] New Organized Play NeoExodus Legacies Adventure The Shashenka Incident coming soon

We just got the NeoExodus Legacies adventure, Shashenka Incident written by Jonathan McAnulty (Rite Publishing super star writer of Coliseum Morpheuon and the upcoming Kaiden) in from the editor and it is moving on to layout. Pathfinder Society and other Organized Play fans expect to see this organized play adventure on sale sometime this month at and Here is the write-up of this adventure:

The small village of Sashenka finds itself in the path of an oncoming whirlwind. An invasion of a nearby country and a somewhat strategic location at the juncture of the Kyan and Abaddon Rivers made this community into a hotbed of intrigue. One particularly troublesome group is seeking to exploit the tensions and foment a greater war. An adventure for characters levels 5. This adventure follows elements of Encounter at Ramat Bridge.