Sunday, December 12, 2010

While NeoExodus simmers, I go back to Pirates of the Bronze Sky

For those who did know, Pirates of the Bronze Sky's rough first draft has been completed for nearly a month now.  It is a solid rough draft and while I am still going through it, I know this one is going to be a success.  One small change I have made with the look and feel is to increase the amount of steampunk visual elements that the setting.  I think this setting will be a great way to add the "steampunkiness" to a setting that already oozing that kind of coolness.  With this being a Eberron and Spelljammer mash-up, I think this will only help really define and redefine what we are doing.

So I am starting to look for cover artist on this project.  As I said before, I would love to do a computer generated and hand drawn image for the cover. But the real issue is finding 1 or 2 artist would could work together like that.  I don't know of any who have done anything like that in the RPG industry.  But who ever I use, the cover will be BAD ASS. I know some of you are tried off looking at the Boob Pirate (Hi to all our friends at Go make me a sandwich! I know you how much you love this cover!) so we will have to find something more interesting for the cover.  Maybe we could get some like Kendrick Lim or Michel Ivan or Chen Wei or even Ben Wootten.  Guess we'll keep looking, until then it's Boob Pirate!!!!  Talk to you later...