Sunday, December 12, 2010

[LPJ Design] Races of Obsidian Twilight: Uzamati (PRPG) released

Louis Porter Jr. Design, has released a new race for the post apocalyptic survival horror fantasy setting, Obsidian Twilight for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.  Here is information on the Races of Obsidian Twilight: Uzamati (PRPG):

World-changing events such as the Cataclysm cannot be fought or escaped, as the residents of Izusa discovered through experience. When the meteor was sighted, they tried to move the entire city to the safety of the Ethereal Plane. The meteor hit while the great spell was still in progress, and its effects were unlike anything the city had prepared for. Instead of salvation, they were met with destruction; instead of freedom, they found a prison. Their spirits were trapped in a pocket plane and scrambled by the massive amounts of energy released by the Cataclysm. Nearly one hundred years later, these people finally regained their coherency. Shortly afterward, they starting reappearing on Abbadon. Calling themselves Uzamati, these people appear human, but hide a terrible secret: their bodies are falsehoods, constructs sculpted from the ambient Negative Energy. Alone among the races of Abbadon, the greatest threat to their existence is not the undead, but the living.

This supplement includes:
  • All the information to play the Uzamati as PC Race including Personality and Relations.
  • Five All New Uzamati Feats including Amplify Negative Energy, Charged Fists and Walk Through Walls
  • Uzamati Counters
  • Initiative and Monster Cards
Written by William F. Phillips with Louis Porter Jr. Available Here at!

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