Monday, December 13, 2010

Magic Item Monday - Statue of the Nations Broken and Enslaved (Slave Statues)

Statue of the Nations Broken and Enslaved (Slave Statues)
Aura: faint to moderate conjuration   CL: , depending on type
Slot: none (Medium statue)                 Price: varies by type   Weight:  200 lbs

            Known by their slang name rather than their longer and more flowery appellation, Slave Statues are an ancient form of magic. First discovered by a long-vanished human empire, Slave Statues were commissioned each time the powerful, expansionistic nation conquered a foreign power. These statues are intricate and masterfully painted darkwood sculptures of a human or humanoid warrior dressed in the stereotypical costume of the conquered nation and wielding traditional weapons.

            Upon the utterance of the command word, the Slave Statue comes to life, becoming a human, half-elf or half-orc warrior with PC class levels and standard NPC gear that serves its owner loyally. Once animated, the statue remains in human form for one hour. If destroyed while in humanoid form, the statue’s magic cannot be accessed for one week. Otherwise, the Slave Statue can be summoned once per day.

            Each Slave Statue is a representative of a specific human race or nation. Against humans and half-humans descended from that conquered people, the Slave Statue’s attacks always inflict maximum damage.
  •  Human Fighter, 3rd level, Summon Monster II , 12,000 gp.
  • Half Elf Rogue, 3rd level, Summon Monster II, 12,000 gp.
  • Human Fighter, 6th level, Summon Monster IV, 17,600 gp.
  • Half Elf Fighter (archer), 6th level, Summon Monster IV, 17,600 gp.
  • Half Orc Barbarian, 9th level, Summon Monster VI, 33,600 gp.
  • Half Elf Ranger (two weapon), 9th level, Summon Monster VI, 33, 600 gp.
Construction Requirements: Craft Wondrous Items, Bull’s Strength, Summon Monster 3-6, depending on statue type   
Cost: 6,000 – 16,800 gp to depending on statue type, half of purchase price