Thursday, December 2, 2010

Deadly Trap Thursday - Ice Geyser & Snow Rift

Ice Geyser (CR 9)
Ice Geysers are dangerous natural hazards occurring in extremely cold environments. A tundra plain glistening in the sun will be home to a perfectly preserved corpse of a Kodiak bear or mammoth, a look of horror and pain etched onto its frozen face. Whole forest of ice-sheathed corpses give the open plains a strange beauty, and an almost palpable sense of malice.

Type: natural hazard
Perception: DC 22
Disable Device:
DC 22
Trigger: Touch
automatic (ice geysers erupt every 10d10 minutes)
Effects: Spell Effect (Creatures caught within a geyser are subject to an effect almost identical to the spell Flesh to Stone, except their bodies turn to ice crystal. The effect is avoided with a REF Save, rather than a FORT Save. A DC 21 REF Save avoids the transformation.)
Special: Creatures immune to cold damage are immune to the effects of this trap.  

Snow Rift (CR 6)
Snow Rifts are an area of loose packed snow that forms over a natural ice cave. Often, planar gates to elemental worlds of endless ice, so cold it vaporizes flesh like fire form at the bottom of these ice caves. Those falling into this natural pit trap must content with not only the fall, but cold intense enough to crack living flesh. These short lived portals close after slaying a single creature.
Type: natural hazard
Perception: DC 24
Disable Device:
DC 12
Trigger: touch
1d6 rounds of intense cold after a creature falls into the cavern before the creature’s stolen body heat raises the temperature enough to close the icy planar rift.
Effects: 30 ft deep pit (3d6 points of falling damage) DC 20 REF avoids. Multiple targets, (all targets in a 10 ft square area).

Secondary Effect: All creatures who suffer falling damage from this trap suffer 5 points of cold damage per point of falling damage they suffer. A DC 20 FORT Save halves this cold damage.