Monday, October 25, 2010

Magic Item Monday - Torque of Maximization & Gris Gris Fetish

Torque of Maximization
Aura: strong universal CL: 14th
Slot: necklace              Price: 117,300  gp      Weight: ½  lb
This golden torque is worn around the throat, and each end of the band terminates in a tight spiral with a gem at the center. One gem is a sapphire as cool and blue as the tropical ocean, while its opposite is a ruby redder and richer than blood. The gems both glow briefly when the wearer calls upon the torque’s magic.

Three times per day, the wearer may cast any spell as Maximized without increasing the spell’s casting time nor increasing its level. This benefit only applies to spells the wearer casts personally, not to spells cast from scrolls, wands or other devices.

Construction Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, creator must possess the Maximize Spell feat, limited wish
Cost: 58,650 gp

Gris Gris Fetish
Aura: faint enchantment          CL: 1st 
Slot: none        Price: 100 gp  Weight: ½  lb
This minor magical wonder is a product of ancient forms of magic, and small, hand made gris gris fetishes are carried by barbarian heroes and foresters as a symbol of home and family as much as they are as magical protections. A gris gris fetish is a small cloth or leather sack sewn or tied  into a roughly man-like shape. Inside the gris gris fetish are, tokens of home, family and divine protection such as locks of a loved one’s hair, iron shaving from nails, a pinch of salt and rinds of dried fruit sacred to the wearer’s gods.

Each gris gris fetish is keyed to one of the saving throws (FORT, REF or WILL) at the time of its construction, and identified as such by its color and the designs sewn or painted onto the tiny crude mannequin. Whenever the wearer next fails the associated save, the magic of the fetish activates. The wearer may reroll the failed save, and take the better of the two rolls. Once used, the gris gris fetish visibly chars and the contents seem to dissolve; the fetish then becomes non-magical, but few warriors ever discard an expended fetish.

Construction Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, bless, creator must have the Barbarian Rage class feature
Cost: 50  gp