Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obsidian Twilight: Second Project writer signed

Well it should come as NO SUPRISE that my second project writer is the very own Joshua Cole. Joshua Cole worked very hard with me on NeoExodus: A House Divided. Joshua is my "race correction guy"; when ever I come up with a crazy idea for a race, Joshua actually makes the races playable for games. (I can get a little crazy at times about what I want to create). Right now I told Joshua about some of the initial ideas I have for the races of Obsidian Twilight like the Osirians and the Hallowed, and we are now thinking over the actual gaming mechanics. I came up with a good gaming mechanic in the shower (All my great ideas come to me when I am in the bathroom) so I have to make sure it goes to the right race. Just 4 more races to go.

We also have another solid "YES" from another writer, who will be named later. I plan to have him work on the Obsidian Twilight Prestge Classes (Let's just say, for a setting this freaky, he was born to write for this.)

Also another major announcement: As I stated on the Paizo Messageboard: "Well I have made a decision that I will have NO ANIMAL HEADED HUMANOID RACES!!!! No Wolf-men, bird-men zebra-men or whatever. None of it!!! So now you have to think what kind of cool races I am going to the Osirans who can...well you have to wait to see. "