Monday, October 27, 2008

[LPJDesign] Races of Fantasy: The Demigod released

Louis Porter Jr. Design, in association with Devil’s Workshop, has released its newest supplement line for the worlds most popular role playing game. Here is information on the Races of Fantasy: The Demigod:

Demigods are a race of outcasts, having no civilization or society to call their own. Instead they exist on the fringes of mortal civilization, trying to find a place where they fit in this world while trying to also understand their divine nature. Mortals are almost universally unnerved by Demigods; in educated lands they are treated as curiosities while in more superstitious areas they are often persecuted as bringers of ill fortune. In regions where their divine parent is well regarded they may be honored and celebrated, but most prefer to be thought of as more than their divine parent’s mascot. This leads many Demigods to live a nomadic life, wandering from settlement to settlement as they seek a place in a world that does not seem to want them or treats them as an object of worship. A great new exciting PC race for 4E.

This supplement includes:

  • All the information to play the Demigods as PC Race including Personality and Relations.
  • Over 5 All New Demigods Feats including Blood of the Gods and Burning Radiance
  • Demigod Counters
  • Initiative and Monster Cards
  • Blank Power Cards (At-Will, Encounter and Daily)
  • Magical Item Cards
  • Initiative and Effects Tracker
  • History Sheet
  • Clan / Family Sheet
  • Character Sheet

Written by Written by Lee Hammock. Available Here!