Sunday, May 4, 2008

Announcing New imprint, Devil’s Playground and New Game

Louis Porter Jr. Design has announced today the creation of its all new board & card game imprint, Devil’s Playground. Devil’s Playground is an innovative board & card game entertainment company focusing on the online PDF board & card game market and traditional family gaming market. Looking to explore different and unique directions of creative opportunities, Devil’s Playground focuses on fun family games for all ages. This new imprint will give a new spin on these types of games, including more educational and knowledge based games.

Devil’s Playground ‘s first board game release, Courtroom Clash; which is based off of the Open Gaming License; is a game of attorneys and trials for two players: the prosecution and the defense (solitaire is also possible). It covers both criminal and civil trials; for simplicity, the terms “prosecution” and “defense” are used here for both, though “plaintiff” and “defendant” are the correct civil case terms. Courtroom Clash comes with all the materials needed to play the game in this single PDF which can be used for hours and hours of fun. Grab your copy here from!

Devil’s Playground is the brainchild of Louis Porter, Jr. and actively looks to expand the Louis Porter, Jr. Design gaming brand by doing more attention-grabbing, inventive and original board and card games then currently on the market.