Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spotlight on… Tim & Eileen Connors writers for Sidetrek Adventure Weekly

The Werecabbage publishing husband and wife team of Tim & Eileen Connors are well know for their any great works on such D20 & OGL material on Dungeon Magazine and Kobold Quarterly and now on the upcoming Sidetrek Adventure Weekly 2: The Undead Chronicles series from Louis Porter Jr. Design and Devil’s Workshop. The pair have become absolutely addicted to the creative outlet. Tim & Eileen Connors were kind enough to sit down with us for a second to answer some interesting question about their involvement with the upcoming Louis Porter Jr. Design project.

1) How did you get into writing for RPG?
My wife and I wrote "Siege of the Spider Eaters" and "Escape from Meenlock Prison" for Dungeon magazine, and we've been hooked on RPG writing as a creative outlet ever since.
2) What drew you to work on Sidetrek Adventure Weekly?
We were busy with another project when the cabbages started working on SAW 1. As soon as we heard SAW 2 was in the works, we jumped on it. Zombies and monsters and wolves, oh my!
3) What do you want PCs and GM to think about you after reading or playing in your issue of Sidetrek Adventure Weekly?
Man, these cabbages got game! How many more minutes until the next Saw Episode? How many more minutes now? How bout now?
4) What is your next big project that you have planned?
We're writing a couple of articles for Wolfgang Baur's Kobold Quarterly magazine.
5) Your favorite Core Class?
Cleric. Not all brawn, not all brain.