Monday, September 24, 2007

Expanding LPJ Design, Step 1

With all the changes coming to 4th Edition of D20, I have decided now is the best time to think about and actually act on expanding the company; Louis Porter Jr. Design, into several new and different directions including Devil's Playground (Our PDF Board game division I have been working on) and Enemy One Entertainment (A secret to be announced later). I have been doing the PDF thing long enough to know that it is not going to last forever so now would be the time to expand into other profitable money making ventures. I would like to have a TOTAL GAMING EMPIRE that includes video games, computer games, toys and everything else. But to do that I have to expand into different areas. Looking at the future is very important in any business the problem is that most can't do that because they are working so hard just to stay afloat. So now is the time for me to change. Wish me luck. Talk to you later...

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