Sunday, May 24, 2015

Introducing the Questline Adventures for Pathfinder RPG

As many of you know we have started working on a completely new line of adventures for the Pathfinder RPG system, Which we are referring to as our Questline Adventures. The Questline Adventure format is rather unique and never seen before in adventure play but we think this concept will catch on more and more as other people experience it. Our first Questline Adventures series is called Chronicle of the Gatekeepers. Michael McCarthy was assigned to task of taking on this first Questline Adventures series and he came back with an exciting adventure concept that fans of Pathfinder will have an remarkable time playing in and experiencing. While the adventures do cross over into the NeoExodus Campaign Setting, Questline Adventures was built to be played by those who want to play in more generic setting and even their home and local gaming store campaigns.

Here is the setting information for the upcoming Chronicle of the Gatekeepers:

All worlds are connected. Sometimes, these links are obvious—such as when a traveler from one world lands on another—but other times they are subtle: like the common language, or the humanoid form that pervades nearly all worlds, seeded by some distant, shared ancestor.

Long ago, this ancestor built a network that spanned countless worlds, and the vast distances between them: some physical, such as the vastness of space, and others less so – for not all worlds are even truly on the same plane. From their home, known now as Atlantis, they used this network to effortlessly explore, settle and trade across the vast multiverse, all in the blink of an eye.

Yet, as they flourished on many worlds, their home languished, and each year fewer opted to remain in [REDACTED], choosing instead to join one of their countless frontiers. Even the Vespans, an insect-like race created to mindlessly serve them, began to settle on other worlds, leaving their former home for greener pastures.

But what of [REDACTED]? Those who stayed behind were more often extremists—those who sought not to spread out across the worlds, but to protect themselves from the dangers of them. These other worlds were dangerous places, each with their own dangers. Sometimes, they were so great even the [REDACTED] colonies fell to catastrophe lost forever.

To protect themselves, they began cutting themselves off from their grand network, moving the hub of their network from [REDACTED] to another world, Exodus. Then, they withdrew even from there. Slowly, [REDACTED] began to change. It had once been a utopian society, but now it prized the creation of weapons of war over all else, intended to protect themselves from threats both real and imagined.

The Vespans, once servants, became the explorers of worlds. They would identify threats, check on the few colonies who remembered their once great heritage, and even gather resources – whether through trade or by force.

Exodus, for its part, has no idea as to the source of the gates so abundant across its surface. The nations instead see them as a great and mysterious boon, capable of facilitating trade and diplomacy across the world. Though, mysterious as they are, they present their own set of dangers—creatures from other worlds use the Nexus Gateways as well. Sometimes, the passage is harmless, and often even goes unnoticed. Other times, the visitors are set to invade, pillage or simply destroy. They rarely make it far before the locals rise up against these ‘monsters’, but all it would take would be an organized invasion to cripple or destroy the nations of Exodus.

Sound interesting? Whay until we reveal what those [REDACTED] parts are. I am sure we are going to blow several of your minds. Hope you enjoy what we are planning. Talk to you later...

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