Thursday, May 28, 2015

With a title like, To Save a Soul, you have to be interested Pathfinder fans!

For those that were wondering what was going on with upcoming Chronicle of the Gatekeepers Adventure Quest series, here is a little write up of the first adventure and what you can expect to see soon

Adventure Alpha - To Save a Soul

In the search to bring a soul-mangling wizard to justice for his crimes, the adventurers track him to a long-forgotten ruin, only to discover that their quarry has fled not just the kingdom, but their world entirely!

Learning that his escape was made possible by a race of militaristic wasp-men, who insist that his freedom from persecution serves the greater purpose of a group known as the Gatekeepers, the heroes follow through the portal, and find themselves trapped on a distant world, abounding with new opportunities, allies and dangers.

Yet, even as the adventurers work their way across the dangerous landscape to a slim chance at safety, the Gatekeepers begin to array themselves against them with greater and greater shows of power, raising far more questions than they answer.

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