Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Cross of Fire Saga - Waiting on rough draft on artwork of the Phrenic Scourge

I am waiting for one of my regular and senior character design artist to submit his rough draft of the Phrenic Scourge which is going to be part of the VERY dangerous monsters and villain you are going to meet in the upcoming Cross of Fire Saga adventure path. While many use the Phrenic Scourge as a replacement for the WOTC IP protected Mind Flayer, (including me) I am glad that I can use the Phrenic Scourge instead. There is TOO MUCH of a history with the Mind Flayers and what people expect from them. Using the Phrenic Scourge give me the ability to use a concept people are familiar with and twist it ways that might not be ready for. That really is what my secret when creating monsters: Take something you know and twist it what that make it unfamiliar. For example: Star Wars from Hidden Fortress; Avatar from Dances with Wolves; and Magnificent Seven from Seven Samurai. Hiding tings in plain sight is fun and difficult to do, and this is no different with the Phrenic Scourge. I have decided to use the Durlan race from DC Comics and the artwork from Wayne Reynolds’ Age ofWorms as inspiration and the template for visually where we are starting from for them. Plus I am going to make some cool psionic influenced monsters related to the Phrenic Scourge. Basically put, I looking for ways to make your PC’s head explode and I am off to a good start.  Talk to you later…

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