Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Cross of Fire Saga - The waiting for the Phrenic Scourge is over!

Looks like our version of the Phrenic Scourge is in soon than I thought. So does it look like something that might worry your PCs in the upcoming Cross of Fire Saga adventure path? Better still I get to think about how many psionic / psionic-ish monsters I can connect to them in the family line.   Plus I still will be able to build in the psionic interference field for the Phrenic Scourge  I thought might be cool. If there are a certain number of Phrenic Scourge near you, the psionic interference field over lay causing your head to explode a la Scanners style. I am sure PCs will love that. Well off to more work on Cross of Fire Saga. Talk to you later...

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