Monday, April 21, 2014

Cross of Fire Saga – LPJ Design sees RED!!!!!

With all this cool information and samples of artwork I have been showing you for the upcoming Cross of Fire Saga, you have to wonder on some of the artists I would be looking to work with on this project.  One of the first names that came up was the amazing Lance Red. We have worked on several projects and I know that he already had an understanding of what I like to see visually. Due to the nature of this project I would be looking at using only one or two artists for the interior work of all the books, with one artist for the covers. The layout of this project will follow that Obsidian Apocalypse with a few changes as needed. I think having Lance on the team is only going to improve the already impressive quality we have planned.  Expect to see some rough drafts of what we are planning for this kickstarter very soon.  Talk to you later…

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