Sunday, February 17, 2013

Transparency Agenda #004: advertising experiment is a 600% success!!!

Back in Transparency Agenda #003, I was talking about advertising with and how good it was going. Now 17 days in my ad campaign with this for our Free RPG Day 2013 NeoExodus Adventure for Kickstarter, I have noticed something thing very interesting. Before we get to deep in to the numbers, I suggest you go and read the Transparency Agenda #003 first since a lot of stuff we will be talking about will be referring back to it.

Back on February 1st, I placed two 160x600 pixel skyscraper banner ads and one 350x90 pixel banner ad on their site at a cost of $250 per month for two months for a total of $500.

As of today February 17th, kickstarter has reported that direct donations from the banner ads has generated $1,011 from those ads. 

Here comes the simple math: 100% of the cost of the ads for February ($250) has been paid for, with an additional $766 generated from the ads. Simply put, in the ads generated $59.47 a day and if continues at this rate the ads will generate $1,665.17 for the month of February. Theoretically as of today, every dollar I spend on those ads made me $6.66. 

In the original post, I thought the ads would only make me $2.68 per dollar spent. I was off by nearly $4. 

Now if you want to be even more interesting, let's say I use the total cost of $500 for two months worth of ads at as my cost AND I don’t make another cent from my ads. The simple math becomes this: 100% of two months of ads paid with the total money raised of $1,011 for the two months. For the 59 days of ads, the ads generate $17.14 a day. Theoretically, every dollar I spend on those ads made me $2.02. Who would not like to get back double their money from an investment? 

Best of all, there are still 28 days left in this kickstarter. Better still, I could get even more money that I have planned right now.

Now the next time someone asks you to advertise with them or their ad group, ask them this simple question: For every dollar I send with you and your advertisement, how much do you think it will generate for me? For people who have a Pathfinder based kickstarter like me, they can look at these numbers as at least a starting point. No, I can’t guarantee you will do as good as I have, hell you might do A LOT BETTER than me, but at least you have a starting point to look at. 

Oh by the way, remember that other person that I referred to in the original post who wanted to advertise with him; well he emailed me. He said it was about a quote he wanted to get from me about Paizo. I didn’t even waste time emailing the person back. Remember, living well is the best revenge and I am living VERY well. Talk to you later…