Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Adventure Path Iconics are coming soon for Pathfinder

Paizo has proven that people like Adventure Paths. But the one thing that has not really changed in all the adventure paths is the choice for iconics for these adventure paths. Other companies have but out iconics, but they are the same old Tolkien-ese, Tolkien-inspired, Tolkien over done races that you have seen a MILLION times. You have seem them so many time they have become a trope of fantasy. I mean come on, the Hobbit was published in 1937. So let’s stop playing with your grandfather’s concept of swords, sorcery and fantasy; and how about we bring the concept of fantasy to the 21st century.

Each Adventure Path Iconics brings you eight different playable characters that easily plug into the most common themes that you have seen in adventure paths. We have iconics for Asian inspired and Wintry based adventure paths with many more coming in the very near future including everything horror to good old fashioned pirates.

The different playable character races will consist of four human characters and four unique races from the NeoExodus: A House Divided campaign setting which include races such as:

  • Cynean: These beings of living crystal are masters of magic. Crystalline scholars of all things arcane, the cyneans are as mighty in mind as in body. 
  • P'Tan: These feline looking, created from the primordial shadows and former slaves rose up and overthrew their harsh masters with their ability to cast black lightning. 
  • Enuka: The most primal and barbaric of the savage humanoids have nothing on the enuka. Enuka are ferocious creatures with instincts for battle and the hunt, animalistic predators blessed with humanoid form and intelligence. 

And many more of these unique and interesting races added to the Adventure Path Iconics series. If you are tired of playing the same old elf from the forest or dwarf from underground from the hundredth time, give Adventure Path Iconics a try. You and you imagination will be glad you did. Adventure Path Iconics: Path of Jade will be out VERY soon; while Adventure Path Iconics: Path of Winter will be soon. Talk to you later.