Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Transparency Agenda #003: D20pfsrd.com advertising what it cost and what it made

This is going to be a simple but informative look at advertising on d20pfsrd.com and what it cost me and the amount of revenue it has generated for me. These are all real numbers and amounts.

I started my Free RPG Day 2013 NeoExodus Adventure forPathfinder RPG Kickstarter on January 28th and I started having ad banner direct traffic on d20pfsrd.com starting February 1st to this kickstarter. I placed two 160x600 pixel skyscraper banner ads and one 350x90 pixel banner ad on their site at a cost of $250 per month for two months for a total of $500. 

As of today February 5th,  kickstarter has reported that direct donations from the d20pfsrd.com banner ads has generated $120 from those ads.

So simple math here: 48% of the cost of the ad was generated in only 5 days, $24 a day if you like.  If this continues at this rate for the full month of February the ads will generate $672.  $672 minus $250 equals $422. Theoretically, every dollar I spend on those ads made me $2.68.  

There was another individual who can to me when he saw my kickstarter was up and asked me to advertise with him. I did advertise with him last time with my Obsidian Apocalypse kickstarter and he charged me a lot of money and it cost me: every dollar I spend on those ads it made me 21 cents or as I call it I paid him 71 cents for each dollar I spend and it did nothing . Where I am from we call that a “BAD investment”.

So based on these facts, when he came around this time try trying to get some money for his large ad network that he claimed would be helpful what do you think MY response? No I didn't curse him out. Just a simple “No thank you”. I believe living well is the best revenge.  And if you are wondering who this person is I will just say this: It doesn't matter. What you should be focusing on get ads up at D20pfsrd.com to make sure your Pathfinder kickstarter is successful.  How’s that for transparency?  Talk to you later…