Monday, August 1, 2011

Complying to the will of Lightning Source with a product redesign

This weekend I spent a fair amount of time relaying out Obsidian Twilight to get it ready for print on demand usingthe POD system, which is really Lightning Source. I've been doing layout for nearly 20 years and I have built a system of layout that works so well that I normally cam submit work to any printer and there is usually NOT a problem from print on demand or traditional printers. But Lightning Source has what I call a "CRAZY ASS" set up for printing.  When I submit things to them, there is ALWAYS some kind of issue.  I have never sent so many things to one printer and had so many issues.  No one else I print with do I have this issue. Only Lightning Source. Normally I would say "forget you" to Lightning Source and just use someone else like but the real issue comes down to printing cost.  Lightning Source's price cost for making their book is VERY low when compared to all the others. like half the cost.  So with numbers like that it is hard for me NOT to work with them. So I do what I have to do.  I resubmitted the new Obsidian Twilight files to RPGNow and hope to hear something back from them by the end of the week about my files. From there, if everything is OK, I will get a POD test version and if all is great it will be on sale online a few days later.  If not, back to square one. Wish me luck, we might need it on this one.  Talk to you later...

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