Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wondrous Item Wednesday - Tea

            Tea: Commoners and kings alike drink this bitter liquid brewed from crushed and dried leaves. Different cultures have different traditions and methods of preparing tea, and everyone it seems has a different set of ingredients added to the drink.          Tea is sold in heavy canvas or cloth bags, and the price given is for one week’s ration.
            Tea: Small object, 6 sp, 1 lb.

Strange Teas: The following exotic teas come from distant lands and are prepared according to ancient traditions. A character can benefit from drinking a single kind of tea once per day. Drinking tea requires a standard action, as drinking a potion, and the effects last for 1d4 hours or until the character next sleeps or rests.
Strange Tea
Dragon’s Tooth Tea
User can speak and read Draconic
10 gp
Harbor Tea
User receives a +2 bonus on Profession (Sailor) and Swim checks
4 gp
Giant’s Tea
User does not suffer a Size Penalty to Armor Class, Attack Rolls or Skill checks for the duration
120 gp
Last Day Tea
User receives a +1 morale bonus on melee attack and damage rolls, but suffers a -1 penalty on FORT Saves
65 gp
Leng Tea
The User’s type changes to Aberration for the duration of the effect, rendering him immune to effects that specifically target humanoids. Do not recalculate HD, BAB or saves.
52 gp
Merchant’s Sipping Tea
User receives a +2 bonus on Bluff and Sense Motive checks
12 gp
Rat Whisker Tea
User receives a +2 bonus on Climb checks and REF Saves
125 gp
Snowcrystal Tea
User gains Cold Resistance equal to 5 + her character level
10 gp
Spidersilk Tea
User receives a +3 bonus on FORT Saves against poison
35 gp
Wolfsbane Tea
User becomes immune to contracting Lycanthropy for the duration of the effect
225 gp