Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wondrous Equipment Wednesday - Clerical Indulgence, Otyugth Skin Sanitary Lining, Physician’s Mask & Pithing Needle

Clerical Indulgence
            For those who sin gravely, only powerful divine magic can save their souls. These spells require lavish payment in both gold and equally lavish deeds, binding the penitent to the church and the clerics who cast the atonement. Lawful but not good churches will often skip the penance for sin, and accept only the gold. Clerical indulgences are shaped stones imbued with divine providence. When the fragile, carved stone is shattered, the recipient is cleansed of sin, as if by an atonement spell.
            Clerical Indulgence, Diminutive Object, negligible weight, 10,000 gp or more.

Otyugth Skin Sanitary Lining
            This ragged sheet of oily leather is tanned from the hide of a slain Otyugth. Inserted into the bottom of a chamber pot, this weird leather digests bodily waste, leaving only sterile grey ash behind. This leather is also used for diapers and sanitary napkins by those who can afford it.
            Otyugth Skin Sanitary Lining, Fine object, 1 lb, 35 gp. 

Physician’s Mask
            This birdlike wooden mask is instantly recognizable thanks to its long, ibis-like beak. Smooth glass lenses protect the eyes, and a leather strap attaches the mask to the wearer’s skull. When the long, hollow beak is stuffed with sweet smelling herbs, it protects the wearers from stench and disease- a valuable asset for a traveling doctor.

            When worn, the mask provides the user with a +2 equipment bonus on FORT Saves against inhalation poison and disease, as well as rendering the wearer immune to creatures with the Stench quality.
            Physician’s Mask, Small object, 2 ½ lbs, 65 gp.

Pithing Needle
            This masterwork quality dagger is a slender silver and iron needle only a little bit wider than a stalk of wheat grain. In the hands of a Rogue with a good understanding of anatomy, this weapon can easily paralyze by impaling the spinal column.

            Anytime a character with the Sneak Attack ability scores a critical hit with this dagger, in addition to the normal effects of the critical hit, the target is paralyzed for 1 round per point of damage.
            Pithing Needle, Tiny object, ½ lb, 175 gp.