Thursday, December 16, 2010

Deadly Trap Thursday - The Worst, Most Embarrassing, Most Sadistic Trap Ever ™

The Worst, Most Embarrassing, Most Sadistic Trap Ever ™ (CR 8)
Type: magical  
Perception: DC 22  
Disable Device:
DC 28
Trigger: visual (true seeing)
transformation lasts a maximum of 1 hour
Effects: (multiple targets- all targets in a 20 ft chamber) (never miss- 1 round onset)
            Invented by a Goblin of unnatural intellect and a bizarre sense of humor, adventures from across the land cross their hands over their groin in sheer horror when there’s even a hint this trap might be present. This trap is the pinnacle of Goblin craftsmanship and trapmaking- there might be deadlier traps out there, but none that are more feared or unpleasant.

            Victims caught in this trap feel a bizarre tingling in their privy parts, which quickly becomes shocking pain. A second later, the victim’s genitals leap boldly from their pants and armor, transforming into a repulsive little humanoculus that resembles a distorted parody of its ‘parent’.

            The creature uses the statistic for a Goblin, and initially tries to escape its parent and allies. If cornered or if the hour of summoning is nearing its end, the summoned creature attempts to either commit suicide or die in battle.

            While the victim’s genitals are transformed into a Goblin, the victim suffers 1d6 points of temporary CON and CHA drain, and their speed is slowed. The Goblin must be captured alive and placed against the flesh of the correct victim to restore this damage. If the Goblin dies, the victim’s ability score damage becomes permanent.