Friday, December 3, 2010

Undefeatable Friday - Deceptive Body Language, Specialized Knowledge & Pidgin Language

Deceptive Body Language (General)
You can control your facial ticks and unconscious gestures, and easily imitate the mannerisms of others, making you a more effective spy and liar.
Prerequisite: DEX 13+
Benefit: You add your DEX modifier as well as your CHA modifier as a bonus on Bluff and Disguise checks.

Specialized Knowledge (General)
You are known for expertise in a particular and often strange field of knowledge.
Prerequisite: INT 13+
Benefit: For each Knowledge skill you possess, you choose a single specialized branch of knowledge relevant to that skill, which provides you with a +3 competence bonus on checks with that skill and specialization. Specializations can be any narrow field of expertise, defined by you and approved by the game master.

Some example specializations are given below and should be used as a guide to making up new specializations.
·         Knowledge (arcana): conjuration spells, demonology, spells with the fire descriptor
·         Knowledge (local): brands and tattoos of criminal organizations, finding a fence.
·         Knowledge (nature): mating habits, knowledge of bear species
·         Knowledge (religion): rites of  a specific church, knowledge of angels        

Pidgin Language (General)
You have a natural ear for language, and can learn a new tongue in just a few minutes of immersion. Prerequisites: Linguistics 1 rank
Benefit: You can speak and read any language you encounter, but only on a basic level. Your speech is broken, childlike and often grammatically incorrect- a ‘pidgin’ language that gets the point across but is unsuited for polite conversation. When conversing in any language you have pidgin level proficiency in, you suffer a -5 penalty on all skills requiring social interaction. This penalty does not apply if you have actually expended skill ranks to learn a language.