Monday, December 6, 2010

Magic Item Monday - The Warstaff of Totems

The Warstaff of Totems
Aura: strong conjuration         CL: 15th
Slot: weapon                           Price: 117,600 gp       Weight: 12 lbs

            This +2 Darkwood heavy mace is nearly 6 feet long, from hilt to tip and is made of heavy ironwood. The weapon’s cylindrical shaft is exactingly carved and hand painted with the grimacing faces of several sacred animals. These stylized carvings of strange and vicious animals seem to shift and snarl, more like living beings  than inanimate carvings when the long-handled weapon is in the wielder’s hands. 

            Any time the wielder scores a critical hit with the Warstaff of Totems, in addition to the usual effects, the magical weapon casts a Summon Nature’s Ally VI as a 15th level Druid. This effect is usable up to three times per day, and additional critical hits each day have no additional effect.
            The Warstaff of Totems always activates its summoning ability in the order the great beasts are depicted on the totem, and always summons creatures in the following order. This summoning roster resets each dawn. Summoned creatures appear either adjacent to the victim of the critical hit in the nearest open space near that target.
            First Summoning: Summons 1 Dire Bear
            Second Summoning: Summons 2d4 Dire Wolves
            Final Summoning: Summons 2d4 Crocodiles

            Warstaves from even more remote lands exist, and these variant magical weapons may summon different creatures. A fairly common foreign totem staff summons the following exotic creatures from the depths of pre-history. “Dinosaur” staffs are often carried by savage kobold tribes and swamp dwelling humanoids.
            First Summoning: 1 Stegosaurus
            Second Summoning: 1d4 Ankylosaurus
            Final Summoning: 2d4 Deinonychus

Construction Requirements: Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Summon Nature’s Ally VI, Creator must be a Druid of at least 15th level
Cost: 58,800 gp