Monday, November 22, 2010

Magic Item Monday - The Twin Blade

The Twin Blade
Aura: moderate necromancy CL: 12th
Slot: weapon   Price: 133,000 gp       Weight:2 lbs

The Twin Blade is a slender +2 mighty cleaving shortsword. The silvery blade tapers to a point so fine and so sharp it can score diamond, and even at its widest point, the blade is no wider than a lady’s finger. The hilt is fine black wood, as dark as a moonless night. Occasionally, the Twin Blade seems to shimmer like a heat mirage, and a ghostly duplicate of the weapon appears in the wielder’s off hand. When a character wields the Twin Blade, she cannot use a shield or use an off hand weapon.

The Twin Blade has a strange property. Up to five times per day, as a free action activated by its wielder, it can ‘twin’ its damage. To do so, the wielder first makes a successful melee attack against a target and rolls damage normally. Additional damage from a critical hit or a successful sneak attack is never twinned, and is only applied to the target of the critical hit or sneak attack.

If the wielder desires, she can ‘twin’ the damage in one of two ways.

1.      The Twin Blade’s wielder can choose to apply the twinned damage to the target creature, effectively inflicting double damage upon it. The target receives no save.

2.      The wielder can apply the ‘twinned’ damage to another enemy who must be adjacent to both the initial target and herself. No attack roll is necessary to damage the second target in this manner and the target receives no save against this effect.

Construction Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must posses the Great Cleave feat, Divine Power, Harm
Cost: 66,500 gp