Thursday, November 25, 2010

Deadly Trap Thursday - Suicide Solution Trap

Suicide Solution Trap (CR 5)
This trap is concealed in an ornate chest or dresser drawer. If the lid is opened incautiously, several serrated bone needles shoot out from previously concealed ports, digging deep into the thief’s flesh. Though the needles have a painful sting, the dark cerulean liquid smeared on the tips carries a curse far deadlier than any poison. The bone shards are taken from finger bones of a man who hanged himself, and the dark toxin is distilled from the livers of suicides who drank hemlock.

Type: magical
Perception: DC 20
Disable Device:
DC 22
Trigger: touch
permanent until removed
Effects: spell effect (Bestow Curse. WILL DC 16 negates. When the target is first afflicted, he must make either a melee attack against himself using his deadliest weapon in hand, or cast the highest level damage dealing spell possible with himself as a target. Thereafter, assuming the target survives, anytime the character rolls a natural 1 on any skill check, attack roll or saving throw, he is overcome by suicidal self loathing and must again attack himself in the same manner.)