Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deadly Trap Thursday - Kinetic Wall

Kinetic Wall (CR 10)
            With a sudden clamor a steel wall slams down, trapping the party. A simple, everyday trap, not very imaginative or very deadly But as the party’s rouges go to work, they quickly realize that the wall that just slammed shut wasn’t the trap… it was the arming mechanism.
Type: magical trap
Perception: DC 28 (actual trap and decoy trap)
Disable Device:
DC 30 (actual trap)
Trigger: Touch
Effects: Never Miss (onset variable)
            Decoy Trap: Initially a 2” steel wall slides into place along an obvious grove in the floor. This trap can be avoided with a DC 5 REF Save, and even on a failed save only inflicts a single point of damage. This steel wall has Hardness 10 and 50 Hit Points, or can be retracted with a DC 5 Disable Device check. The decoy trap acts as the arming mechanism for the real device.

            Actual Trap: Attempting to disable the Decoy Trap or destroy it triggers the actual trap. If damage is inflicted on the steel wall, it absorbs the kinetic energy and redirects that energy into a 30 ft burst that inflicts four times the damage inflicted on the wall to all targets in range (FORT DC 20 half).

            Attempting to use the Disable Device skill to retract the wall has a slightly different effect. The heat of a rogue’s lockpicks striking the steel tumblers is magnified and transformed into a deadly fireball. The fireball inflicts 6d6 points of Fire damage on everything within a 30 ft radius. The REF Save DC for half damage is equal to the rogue’s Disable Device check result plus 10. 

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