Thursday, October 28, 2010

[LPJ Design] A Place Beyond Hell for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Available

Louis Porter Jr. Design has just released it sequel to their highly successful post-apocalyptic survival horror campaign setting, Obsidian Twilight; A Place Beyond Hell.  A Place Beyond Hell is a LovecraftianHorror sourcebook for use with the Obsidian Tilight campaign setting or any setting looking to add horror into their home campaigns. Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting is available at and  Here is information on this product:

A dark star fell from the sky bringing with it the end of all things! The sanctity of the world known as Abaddon was shattered when a global apocalyptic event of a meteor impacting the planet causing a destructive ecological and eldritch change. But what really was the meteor that hit the planet of Abaddon?  The H’Laqu were not present on Abaddon until the disaster happened. They came with it, were the progenitors of it, were part of the meteor itself. They were – and are – the engineers of Abaddon’s destruction. Now they’re found, increasingly, all over the world. Insinuating themselves into air, stone, flesh and plants, subverting and spreading, wandering far and wide and engaging in strange and unnatural behaviours that nobody can understand. They’re not of this world, not of this dimension, not of this reality in any way. Inscrutable, inimical to the very existence of this world, perhaps even insane, the H’Laqu are a growing presence, a growing influence and a growing concern to all the forces at work across Abaddon. A threat that can’t be understood, controlled or even directed, beyond the schemes and plans of man and undead alike.

Inside this book you will find you’ll need to embark on adventures using A Place Beyond Hell sourcebook including:
       The History of the H’Laqu
       Over 20 all new feats including Black Blood, Horrific Countenance and Withering Stare.
       Over 20 all new spells including Antilife Bolt, Immaculate Dissection, Mind Trap and Void of Despair.
       Ten all new monsters and NPCs including Abyssal Arm, Infected Land and Nyxsus the Surgeon.
       Background of the Cult of Black Glass
       Rules for the Breaching Points of H’Laqu

Written by James ‘Grim’ Desborough and Louis Porter, Jr.  Available Here!!!

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