Thursday, October 28, 2010

Deadly Trap Thursday - Mage Killer Spell Engine

Mage Killer Spell Engine (CR 18)
This arcane trap is specifically design to cripple intruding spellcasters. The device consists of a massive and complex engine hidden behind the walls of the chamber, a construct of both clockwork science and cutting edge magic. When the trap is triggered, lances of foul yellow energy blast towards spellcasters. A magic user unfortunate enough to be struck by this trap seems to explode from within, as stored spells detonate within his or her aura, inflicting both physical and emotional wounds. Most spell casters who survive a brush with a “Mage Killer” are extremely careful to check for traps… if they don’t just give up adventuring all together in fear.

Type: magical trap
Perception: DC 26   
Disable Device:
DC 30
Trigger: visual (arcane eye)
automatic reset after 6 hours, when the arcane batteries recharge
Effects:  Never Miss (1 round onset) ; Multiple Targets (all arcane spell casters within a 30 ft square room)

Effect: Targeted arcane spell casters must make a separate WILL Save for each level of prepared spells or spell slots. This save DC is 12 + the spell level affected. If the spellcaster succeeds on the saves, he or she retains the prepared spells/available slots of that level. If the save for a level fails, all prepared spells or available slots for that level are erased, as if they had been expended normally. The spellcaster can recover slots or prepare new spells normally when he or she next rests and prepares spells.

Secondary Effect: Targeted spellcasters suffer 1d8 points of damage for every spell level lost to the trap.