Thursday, April 1, 2010

What would take to kill Dungeons and Dragons?

Is Dungeons & Dragons dying?  Sales for 4E and all RPG are down.  Retailers are worried. Distrubutors are worried.  Even manufacturers are worried.  Video games are attacking RPGs on every front and even more people are worried. With all this worrying going around, I have to wonder, what would it take to "kill" Dungeons & Dragons?  Or better yet, is Dungeons & Dragons "killable" and if it is what would replace it?  What would it take for Dungeons & Dragons to "survive and thrive"?

These are the same questions that the comic book industry is battling with every day also with their content being given away for free to torrents websites.  The guys have seen the future and are adapting well to it. A few RPG companies have seen this future and are doing things to adapt also.  Have you seen your future in RPGs and what are you doing to save it?  Talk to you later...