Saturday, January 9, 2010

[LPJ Design] FREE Races of Obsidian Twilight: Infernal (PRPG) Preview released

Louis Porter Jr. Design, has released its next preview for the upcoming post apocalyptic survival horror fantasy setting, Obsidian Twilight for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Here is information on the Races of Obsidian Twilight: Infernal (PRPG) Preview:

Infernals are the offspring of matings between demonic outsiders and humanity upon Abaddon or the result of a tainted bloodline throwing up a child that bears the mark of a past transgression of natural law. Infernals are relatively common on Abaddon, given the nature of the world, its status as a planar ‘trap’ and the natural proclivities of the demons who find themselves here, trapped, frustrated and with only limited playthings to assuage their boredom. Infernals are the cast-off offspring of these bored demons and succubi and there are a great many of them, perpetuating their numbers through their own intermarriage and the strength of demonic blood that has now entered the mainstream bloodlines of many mortal communities. Self-reliant and cynical the Infernals are often shapers, doers, makers, ambitious and defiant, channeling the rebellion and strength of their demonic heritage to force their way up and out and to make their mark upon the world.

Written by Written by James Desborough with Louis Porter Jr. Available Here!!!

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