Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reaction to Joe the Lawyer's Really Funny Comment on Joe Goodman's Post

During the comments on EN World about Goodman Games, Joe the Lawyer brought us this little oldie but a goodie from Goodman Games past. EnWorld did not like what he did (He place the actual post from Goodman Games on the ENWorld site and they took down the post) and Plane Sailing (Enworld Admin) comment as so:

Joe, this is neither big nor clever. If the mods have deleted it, linking to it in this way is thumbing your nose at them. Welcome to a six day ban.

Now the question I have to ask is why did they take down the post in the first place? I don't understand why, but it is their site and they can do what ever they want.  But, don't worry Joe the Lawyer because LPJ Design and the In The Mind of a Mad Man Blog will be holding a candlelight vigil until your return to EN World. We know it will be hard to go with out access the cutting edge resources and intellectually stimulating conversations of of EN World but, do your best to hold on. I know it will be tough.

We will be praying for you during the time you are away...

Talk to you later...