Saturday, February 21, 2009

Comic Book Writing and MegaCon

I have been working on a few comic book scripts to get ready for next weekend’s MegaCon to pitch to comic companies. I have actually completed:

  • 8 page Doctor Doom script (For Marvel Comics)
  • 8 page Lex Luthor script (For DC Comics)
  • 8 page Suicide Squad/Easy Company script (For DC Comics)
  • 23 page Suits script (For Independent comic companies)

And the scripts I have in progress are:

I think I can get two of these scripts ready by the con. As you can see I have a lot of different things for both Marvel and DC Comics. Chuck Dixon of Batman and Nightwing fame had already read the Doctor Doom script and liked it he said it was goo enough to submit. Jamal Igle gave me some great feedback on the Suicide Squad/Easy Company script. I was told that the basic comic writer needs to write at least 8 pages a day. I am coming close to that but doing all the research on characters and sotylines take up a lot of time. So wish me luck at MegaCon.