Monday, April 7, 2008

LPJ Design 2008 First Quarter Report

What a great year we are already off to! Our first quarter of 2008 has been a great improvement over last year and each month of these first three months, LPJ Design has had an average 5% month-over-month increase in sales, even with some fans waiting for 4E release.

The Sidetrek Adventure Weekly series has been a qualified success! The first series has done so well for LPJ Design, that we have already started and released the second Sidetrek Adventure Weekly series; The Undead Chronicles. There has been a great interest in The Undead Chronicles plus with such well know and respected writers like Nicholas Logue, Adam Daigle and Tim & Eileen Connors, only helps solidify the series as the premiere 3.5/OGL adventure and module path series on the market today.

We are also proud to announce that Neal Bailey has been hired to the position of Line Editor to the NeoExodus: A House Divided gaming line. Neal well known RPG companies including Fifth Element Games, Old Kingdom Games and RPGObjects, in addition to his work on the Race Creation Cookbook and the Prestige Class Creation Cookbook for us. Neal has been a fan of the NeoExodus: A House Divided setting since day one and it seemed a perfect match for both of us. With Neal at the helm, we have already set up several all-new projects for NeoExodus: A House Divided including Enemies of NeoExodus: The Folding Circle, Lexicon Chronicles: Arcane Intelligences and Lexicon Chronicles: Lazarus Brand. Look for these projects over the next few upcoming months.

LPJ Design has also been listening to our fans and supporters and we have made business alliance with several of the well-known and respected d20/OGL companies on the market to create the best products possible. With that, when you get the PDF version of Wolfgang Baur’s Kobold Quarterly #4, you will receive the FREE BONUS GIFT of Enemies of NeoExodus: Folding Circle – Brothers-In-Arms. Brothers-In-Arms is a 9-page supplement focusing on 2 NPC associates of the upcoming Enemies of NeoExodus: Folding Circle, which reveals the history of the greatest and most powerful criminal/terrorist organization in the setting. So if you are interested in NeoExodus: A House Divided and Kobold Quarterly, now is your time!

Even with all this, we have even greater plans for products in this upcoming quarter. Once again thanks to everyone support of LPJ Design and Devil’s Workshop!