Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How much is a good artist worth?

Let me say it once again, a good artist is worth his weight in platinum!  It amazes me on the number of people who say they want to work as freelance artist and people who actually are FREELANCE ARTIST.  Here is a story about a GREAT FREELANCE ARTIST.

I have been working with Anthony for about a year now.  Mark over at Skortched Urf Studios was kind enough to introduce him to me.  There were several reasons that I liked Anthony; nice guy, quality work and rather inexpensive artwork.  But I knew Anthony was a professional artist from the quality of keeping in contact with me on a project.  Through every stage and step, I will get notified.  If there needs to be a change or something isn’t working artistically, he is there with an e-mail to me with the quickness.  If you are looking for a good artist and want quality work, then Anthony is your guy.  I can’t say enough good things about him.

Now for the other type of artists out there.  The wannabees.  Those who can’t meet their deadlines.  The ones who always come to me with a story that their computer crashed, mother died for the 5 time this year or they could not get a e-mail to me.  The ones that “think” they want to be a freelance artist but can seem to get it together.  Do yourself a favor, QUIT being an artist.  All you do is waste people’s time and ruin your reputation.  My favorite artist offender is Gary “Hive” Simpson.  Just ask Justin at Blue Devil Games about him.  Talk about scary.  Stop wasting everyone’s time.  Especially mine.  Talk to you later…