Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Returning to the Superhero Genre!!!

Well it had been a while but I have finally make steps to return to the genre of d20 & OGL Superheroes!!! A lot of people wondering what happened with me and a certain popular Superhero RPG, lets just say that they listened to the wrong person and they thought he would be very helpful to their future. But it seems he was so helpful to them that he had to go back to his old job due to his loss of roughly 60% of his sales in the PDF market. (Well that is what I heard it was, but who knows? The PDF market is a dangerous place, let me tell you.) So I have returend to the superhero genre with a modification an update of two former products (Power Assaulting & Power United) to create Super Power Team Ups!!! If you are looking to build a super hero or villain team that can work together, then this is the PDF for you. Best of all it is OGL and D20, so you can use it with the world most popular RPG rule set and should be compatible OGL and D20 Superhero genre systems on the market today. So enjoy!

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