Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Image Portfolio Singles 010: Storn Cook now available at RPGNow.com

Image Portfolio Singles is the premier line of online PDF stock art resource that gaming companies can use. Unlike the typical Image Portfolio lines, the Single line focus on one piece of artwork that was created specifically to be used as a cover for RPG and Gaming related material and projects. All artwork from the Singles series is at 400 dpi, which is twice the normal image resolution, making it easy to increase the size of the image without any image resolution loss of pixelation. When a person acquires Image Portfolio, any of the art in the PDF can be used in any of their own products as if they owned it. This is due to the limited licensing agreement of Image Portfolio. This image is 11 inches (279.4mm) wide by 18 inches (457.2mm) high at 400 DPI. Available at RPGNow.com!

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