Thursday, June 11, 2015

More Dragon and Owen KC Stephens...

This is simple, we need $875 to reach our Stellar Dragons and $1,875 to hit our goal with the Time Thief iconic with Owen KC Stephens. Since these dragons have been in my head for nearly 5 years it will be good to get them out of there and on to some paper and on to table tops to destroy PCs. Yep I said it, you have some PCs that need to be on the wrong end of a breath weapon. While the Stellar Dragons might be GOOD dragons, that doesn't mean they are NICE. People often confuse the two, but thankfully enough I am not one of those people. I know many of you were excited by the Conflict Dragons, but don’t fool yourself, The Stellar Dragons are going to be just as AWESOME! 

After that we have Owen KC Stephen doing an iconic based off of the class he created, the Time Thief. This is another one that is going to be a little bit of inspiration. It is one thing to have people paid to write something, it is a WHOLE different story to have writers write some for which they created it. The relationship is more personal, more intimate. So I cannot wait to see what Owen is going to come up with and better still what the art write up for the iconic Time Thief will be. We know Owen is awesome and LPJ Design does awesome artwork, so you know you are going to get MORE than your monies work. So do the right thing: Tell all your Pathfinder gaming friends to support this kickstarter. As always, thanks for your support!

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