Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kickstarter Day 3 - Why you want NeoExodus Part 2

Without delay, let’s get into part 2 of unique elements of NeoExodus.

NeoExodus mixes traditional fantasy, horror, magic, modern politics and science fiction. NeoExodus is built from a very distinctive nature and mind-set. The setting of NeoExodus: A House Divided is a mixture of classic fantasy, modern political conflict and intrigue with neo-fantasy influences. The world of Exodus has some degree of “moral flexibility” which makes people who might be diametrically opposed, able to work with each other for a greater cause - often for good and sometimes evil. In this world, nothing is black or white but various shades of grey - making nothing exactly what it seems to be. While an individual might have the alignment of chaotic evil, this does not mean they cannot be honorable or even compassionate, if needed for a larger reason. And vice versa.

NeoExodus is full of all new unique races. The nine new races that are introduced in the setting of NeoExodus are very unique in direct contrast to the standard fantasy races individuals might be used to. Each race has a unique and interesting creative background and design to them that reflect the setting of NeoExodus: A House Divided well. In NeoExodus players can choose to play Cavian, Cynean, Dalrean, Enuka, Gevet, Kalisan, Prymidian, P’Tan or Sasori. Cavians are psionic humanoid rats who have a hidden agenda. Cyneans are crystalline-skinned, powerful arcane spell casters with a thrist for more arcane knowledge. Dalreans are humanoid mobile plants with a strong ecological connection to Exodus. Enuka are beast-like creatures that have evolved to adapt themselves to various harsh environments. Gevet, or tiefling, claim to be the first race to master magic in Exodus. Kalisans are pale-white nomadic humanoid creatures native to northern Exodus. Prymidians are crimson-skinned humanoids who are masters of communication and language. P’Tans are shadowcreated feline humanoids who were former slaves of the First Ones. Sasori are humanoid scorpions that hold all the deepest and darkest secrets of Exodus.

Exodus is a world built on conspiracies, deceptions and intrigue. Empires and nations compete on many levels—economic, political influence, territory, magical power—each looking to maintain or improve its current status by any means short of all-out war. Subversive clandestine meetings, espionage, black market deals and sabotage are all basic parts of doing business in Exodus. Large numbers of organizations, nations and factions maneuver or manipulate for their own benefit in the rapidly changing political climate. Exodus teems with conflict and intrigue.

Everything has a place in NeoExodus. If it exists in the realm of classic or traditional fantasy settings of Pathfinder, then it has a place in Exodus. A monster or spell or magic item from the Pathfinder core rulebooks might feature a manipulation or two to explain attitude, character and tone of Exodus, but otherwise everything you want to include has a place somewhere in Exodus.

I hope this helps you understand what we are doing a little better. And as always, thanks for your support!

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