Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kickstarter Day 2 - Why you want NeoExodus Part 1

NeoExodus has a lot of influences in it creation and development, many of them are not from traditional fantasy sources like typical generic D&D campaign settings folks in the gaming community know and many have said they are tired of playing in. I think anyone who tries NeoExodus can see where is does have some traditional fantasy ideas and influence, but understands that it is not beholden to them as “sacred cows” of fantasy.

We have said it from the beginning, “NeoExodus is a fantasy love letter to Babylon 5”. In addition, we have been inspired by fandom and niche things like CrossGen Comics’ series Negation, Scion and Sojourn; Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Fantastic Four and Ultimates; DC Comics’ series 100 Bullets, Global Frequency, Planetary and Watchmen; the George R. R. Martin’s book series Song of Fire and Ice and TV series Game of Thrones; David Morrell’s Brotherhood of the Rose, Covenant of the Flame and Fraternity of the Stone books; and even Wizards of the Coast’s campaign setting Eberron. Plus much more gave rise to NeoExodus.

Here is part one of the unique elements for NeoExodus:

NeoExodus is a world full of magic. NeoExodus is a world that has advanced by mastery of arcane magic which may be counterintuitive to the classic fantasy and medieval times. Magic is very pervasive in the world of NeoExodus from the instantaneous point-to-point travel via the Nexus Gateway to sentient, freewilled arcane constructs (called Arcane Intelligences). From arcane and eldritch powered skyships and siege weaponry to even commonplace magic casters using their skills to provide many basic provisions and necessities to major cities and even some small towns. The progressive nature of magic has transformed the world so that it feels quite “modern”.

NeoExodus is a world built upon epic adventures, heroic quests and valiant expeditions into the unknown. Through the use of magical and nonmagical means, heroic adventurers can gain access to larger realms of excitement and discoveries which in turn will introduce them to new and interesting challenges to confront and monsters to combat. From exotic locations to unusual surroundings, the challenges of Exodus should pull heroes across the lands of many nations and countries to the entire world. Each area of Exodus is unique and stunning from the tropical rain forest and jungle of the Wyldlands of Bal to the frigid and dangerous peaks in the mountains of Nas. Exodus is truly a world of invigorating exploration and exhilarating action.

NeoExodus is setting of unified empires and nations with their own sovereign rights, power and issues. While each nation or empire - Arman Protectorate, Caneus Empire, the Dominion and the Reis Confederacy - has joined and believes in the unity of the Imperial Alliance, old adversaries and bitter rivalries cause much turmoil in this world. Many of these nations and empires have had long term conflicts with each other that still influence the decisions of the modern day. Other influence groups like the Sanguine Covenant and Section Omega can be felt in the backrooms and dark alleys of any of these nations and empires. All of this in addition to such global threats as the Janus Horde, the Quicksilver Virus pandemic and even a criminal terrorist organization like the Folding Circle threatens to destabilize this fragile peace.

NeoExodus is a world that is rarely at peace for long. Throughout its troubled history, wars and murder were never far away. NeoExodus is always on the brink of war or conflict of some type. With so many different cultures and races working together, there are issues that often will be raised between them. These conflicts might be based on nationality, religious beliefs or even racial issues and these prejudices are deeply propagated in various arenas of daily life. The formation of the Imperial Alliance has done much to help with the understanding of different points of views and now individuals find ways to exist and thrive in this world of Exodus.

In the next update we are going to finish up the unique elements for NeoExodus. And as always, thanks for your support!

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