Friday, October 3, 2014

Getting Retailers on board with Cross of Fire Saga Kickstarter

One of the toughest issues I have had is getting retailers on board with the concept of kickstarters. I have done everything I could do to get them on board with what we have been doing with LPJ Design.  And with Cross of Fire Saga this is no different. So with that I have created a Retailer $60 Reward level (You will be asked to confirm your retailer status of course). Retailers please contact us directly to learn exactly what we are providing to you at that level. Or you can donate at the $1 level and then increase it to the retailer level later.

Personally I want retailers to have access to the products that we meet create because we want to support the people to help us create and have so much fun.  So go to your local gaming stores and let them know what we are doing with this kickstarter and ask them to support us.  We can't do this without your help. Talk to you later…

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