Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cross of Fire Saga Kickstarter is asking you to Back it for a buck!!!

You say you blown your budget for kickstarters and you can’t support us? You say money is tight and you would donate if you could? You say that you think donating one dollar will not matter?

Come on people! We want you to back us for a buck. We are not asking a lot, because we know times are tough and money can be a little tight. We are having our kickstarter for 40 days (late September through early November) because we now money can be tight at the WORST moments.  But we at LPJ Design only want you to “Back Us for a Buck”! One lone American dollar. See what makes our kickstarter different is that we have rewards not just for the money we raise, BUT the amount of actual donors we get. The more donors we get, the more cool things we get to offer. So do LPJ Design and Our kickstarter a little favor, instead of picking up the 4 piece chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or that sweet ice tea from McDonalds, Dollar Menu be dammed. Toss us a that buck. We will do a lot more amazing stuff with that buck then Wendy’s or McDonalds. Like finding new and interesting ways to hurt your PC and then rewarding you after we have done it. Talk to you later…

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