Sunday, September 14, 2014

Crisis on Infinite Earths + ?????? = Next AWESOME kickstarter

I am looking over the economical formulas to see if the (hopefully upcoming) Crisis on Infinite Earths plus ?????? (Thought of an AMAZING add-on to the original concept) influenced can be done for a reasonable price. We are looking to pay the most we have every paid for writers ($0.08 a word) due to the fact that we need several very high end writers planned to work on this. We are looking for the word count of the AP to reach 80K. That with the amount of artwork we are looking to have (roughly 160 different pieces including covers, headshot and half page images), this Kickstarter is going to have to be $35,000.  And that just covers the the 4 APs.

Let not even talk about the 20 "sidetrek / starter adventures" (roughly 100K words in length) that we would like to have this kickstarter. Now add in, I am going to have LOTS of other 3PP material added to this kickstarter. So this gets bigger and bigger.

Best of all, When this AP is finished, there should be a campaign setting that I am going to make 100% OGL for any and all 3PP to use and build from. I am going to include some of the artwork and make it 100% Open content to use. Sounds crazy? It is. Is it possible? HELL YES!!!!! Now I have to call Owen KC Stephens to see if I am crazy as I think I am. Talk to you later...

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